Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Self Love - An Update

Hello Readers, 

It's been awhile since I have done a update! I have been up to so much stuff. I've taken two spring courses (that is People & Place - a graduate course and International Indigenous Issues) and worked.  Aside from school and work I have:  

*Eaten a lot of good foooooood!

*Vermicelli, seaweed and fish balls

*This was from the Easter Bunny, seriously 

 *Fresh salad; home grown lettuce

*I love you Chapman's 

*A very sweet dessert; thanks to my 6th Uncle for buying my tons of Chinese bakes goods

*Made many hauls

*Business wear to casual shirt

*A handbag from my dear aunt

*(Ryan, Chris and Robin) see my bedsheets are not Disney Princesses

*Yes, I will post reviews very soon

*Received tons of free magazines
*My guilty pleasures

*Received many flowers

*...although I haven't been diligently taking photos of flowers I've been given

*Received many beautiful arts and crafts from my students
* Paper bunny

* Paper crane

* Mermaid

*Attended my cousin's wedding

*It was a super long but fun filled day
*Left photo: front of dress; Right photo: back of dress
* I wore this dress to the church ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral and my hair was in big curls. A big thanks to Uncle Patrick Yan from Right In Hair Style for doing my hair.

*My evening gown; worn during the tea ceremony and dinner reception. 

*Had a surprise hair cut 
*...and no my mom did not take gardening scissors to cut my hair. I'm sad I lost 4 inches of hair. =(

*Went on a field trip to Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch
*...with my students

*This photo is obviously taken from their website

*Hung out with friends and family
*Which consisted of watching movies and X-File eps., gorging on pizza, drinking tons of tea, window shopping, eating out...you get the drift

*Started studying for my Summer Courses
*I'm taking senior level Social Work courses, which are Grief & Loss and Human Sexuality

 *Notice how many times I have written the word "sex" 

Lots of Love,


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