Friday, June 24, 2011

CoverGirl Clean Oil-Control Foundation Review

*Front and back of the bottle

*Top view of the bottle

With our Clean Oil Control Makeup, you'll get all the shine control you want, without the drying coverage you don't. Our Clean foundation is made with ultra-light oil-absorbers that control oil, plus gentle conditioners that help prevent dryness.
 My Experience
  • Price: $7.59 CAD for 30 mL or 1 fl oz 

  • A blurb: There are 12 shades to select from. I purchased the liquid foundation in Medium Light 535, and I for hygine purposes I use a foundation brush to apply the makeup on. You can also use clean fingertips, a makeup sponge or cotton pad.

  • Pros: An affordable founation that does the job in covering up redness, evening out the skin tone and covering up large pores.  The founation provides light coverage, and goes on smoothly without leaving streaks on my face.  If more coverage is needed around the corners of the mouth and nostrils just apply more of the foundation; it's buildable.   I'm quite pleased that the thick and creamy foundation doesn't clog pores, cause acne or blackheads, and prevents sleek, oily and shiny skin.  The product looks and feels natural on my face all day long. It washes off easily with a cleanser.

  • Cons: The glass bottle with a screw on cap makes it challenging to get to product out. It's like playing hide-and-seek with glass ketchup bottles.  The foundation has a tendancy to dry out my skin, and cause flaking.  Especially avoid applying  this founation near the eye area because it will cause major dryness in that region, and it will take several days for the skin to balance out.

  • Bottom line:  I would only recommend this foundation for oily skin types.

  • Grade: 8.2/10


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