Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Origins: Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash Review



My Experience
  • Price: I got this free on Earth Day! It sells for $18for 5 fl. oz. 
  • Pros: If you love Cetaphil, you're going to love Origins.  A tiny amount of the creamy face wash lathers up very nicely, and has a light refreshing minty smell.  The product gently takes off makeup effectively without drying out the skin.
  • Cons: The face wash doesn't give me a "squeaky clean" feeling; in fact the product leaves a film on my face. Just a side note, this film didn't cause any skin irritations or break outs for me, which is a plus.
  • Bottom line: Worth a try if you're looking for a new cleanser. The product is nothing spectacular that I would write home about though.   
  • Grade: 7.5 /10

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kiehl's Lip Balm in Mint Review



 The claims:

Scented Lip Balm #1 -Protects against the elements and helps relieves chapped or cracked lips.  Enriched with Cotton Seed Oil and contains Octinoxate, a mild sunscreen of SPF 4.

My Experience
  •  Price: $12.00 for 0.5 fl. oz
  • Pros: I love the like mint jelly scent; it's not overpowering. The non-greasy, rich, thick balm brings immediate relief to sore, dry, chapped lips, and protects my lips from drying out and cracking.  This balm won't cause irritations - a great product for people with sensitive skin.  This is a must have for those who spend  a lot of time outdoors bearing the harsh elements.   
  • Cons: A bit pricey, low on the SPF spectrum, and doesn't have a (slanted) applicator.  The balm  has be applied from the squeeze tube with a  finger.
  • Bottom line:  The balm is not mind blowing. It does it's job and nothing more.
  • Grade: 9.2/10

Friday, May 13, 2011

Art & Science of Compassion

For my Reflection Oral defense I made a scrap book, which confirms (post- modernity or as my brother will say "mumble-jumble") that there are multiple ways of learning, knowing and self expression. I discussed points of convergence and commonalities that arose across the various levels/systems over my "Practices With..." courses.  I also talked about knowledge, perspectives, and skills I acquired, and what this means to me as a Social Work Practitioner In-Training. 

* This is where I began...

 * The beginning of my learning journey

* Social Workers are not simply "bleeding hearts". Our practice is both an art and a science of compassion...

* Team work!

* Person-in-environment, contextualize,  a matrix of factors to consider...

*Levels of needs/ Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; Client-centered approach

* 1 degree of change; intuition

* This is where I am at now...humbled!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swagbucks - Tornado Relief Fund Donation

The Southeastern U.S. was hit with over 250 tornadoes over the span of 24 hours. The tornadoes stared approxinmaltey at 8AM on April 27th and ended on April 28th.  The natural disaster has caused countless amount of property destruction and left residents without homes. 

Swagbucks is currently collecting Swag Buck donations through the month of May that will translate into a donation for United Way of Western Alabama. 100% of the funds are going to support local tornado relief.  I am creating awareness for this drive by highly encouraging as many Swag Bucks as possible donated to aid to their efforts. Please use the following link to donate: http://swagbucks.com/p/prize/25155/Tornado-Relief-Fund-Donation

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!




Tuesday, May 3, 2011

L'Oreal Root Rescue Review

*Close up of the applicator brush

* Before coloring

*After coloring

L'Oreal Root Rescue is on sale at Zellers for $8.99! I bought a box for my mom to try. The L'Oreal product exceeded my expectations, as well as my mom’s. The product worked perfectly on my mom’s short black hair; it left her hair soft and shiny. The applicator brush makes it quick and easy to apply the product to her hair. Within 10 minutes her grays were evenly and naturally concealed. There was no staining to the scalp and the color blends perfectly with the color she normally uses. She'll definitely recommend L'Oreal Root Rescue and use it again between her colorings.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Glamorous Classic Lipstick - Plum

* My plum lips!

Glamorous Classic Lipstick is like nothing else out there! Infused with vitamins A & E, our lipstick is designed to hydrate and protect the lips leaving a smooth, kissable, texture without sacrificing pigmentation. Specially designed case includes removable color window for easy selection and quick touch-up. With 28 different colors you’ll find the perfect match for any look!

 *My Experience with the Lipstick:*
  •  Price: $6.00 for 1.5 g
  • Pros: A rich and creamy formula that is highly pigmented, smooth to apply, wears comfortably and evenly, and moiturizing . Over time the product doesn't dry out my lips like out products out on the market.  The lipstick is affordable and scentless. 
  • Cons: No SPF protection and not long-lasting
  • Bottom line: Give it a try! I personally would not repurchase the product but it was nice to try a bold look.
  • Grade: 7.5/10

Sunday, May 1, 2011

100 Truths

I've been "tagged" by Mandy... so here's 100 random things about me.

1. Last beverage→ Water
2. Last phone call→ To Jones
3. Last text message→ "Do you need to me get you anything?"
4. Last song you listened to→ Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
5. Last time you cried→ December 2010; I was super frustrated with work and school assignments. 

1. Dated someone twice → Sadly, I have. I learned an invaluable lesson and that is if the relationship didn't work the first time it's certainly not going to work the second time.
2. Been cheated on? → Yes and it doesn't feel good.
3. Kissed someone & regretted it? → No. I put a lot of thought into who I kiss.
4. Lost someone special?→ Yes; I'm certain everyone has.
5. Been depressed?→ Yes and it lasted about two years... it wasn't because of a break up.
6. Been drunk and threw up? → Surprisingly, no

1. Black
2. Pink
3. Gray
4. Blue

1. Made new friends → Yes...that's a very silly question to ask.
2. Fallen out of love → No, I have not been in love before.
3. Laughed until you cried → Yes, multiple times. The last time I did was when Bayo said, "There's no junk food in Africa."
4. Met someone who changed you → Of course, mostly my Social Science professors. 
5. Found out who your true friends were → Sadly, yes.
6. Found out someone was talking about you → Haha, yes. *sarcasm* I love bathroom talks.*/sarcasm*
7. Kissed anyone on your Facebook friend's list→ Oh, gosh... haha. No comments there.
8. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life → All of them
9. How many kids do you want to have→ Two for sure.
10. Do you have any pets → Fish
11. Do you want to change your name→ No.
12. What did you do for your last birthday→ Celebrated with the family, then again with a close group of friends, then a third time with over sushi.
13. What time did you wake up today → Too early 7:30am
14. What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping.
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for → When I get my degree in Social Work.
16. Last time you saw your father→ This morning
17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → My height. I wish I was taller.
18. What are you listening to right now → Ne-yo - Mad
19. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Yes, he was my mentor.
23. What's getting on your nerves right now? → My heavy workload.
24. Most visited web page → Google!

1. What's your name→ Margaret
2. Nicknames→ Dash, Teach, Maggie, Meg, SavvySaver, BioSci and Miss Independent.
3. Relationship Status: Haha, no comment.
4. Zodiac sign → Leo
5. Male or female or transgendered → Female
6. Elementary→ Langevin
7. Middle School → Langevin
8. High school → Crescent Heights
10. Hair color → Black
11. Long or short → Long
16. Height → 5'6" and 3/4ths!
17. Do you have a crush on someone? → No.
18: What do you like about yourself? → My strong will.
19. Piercings → None
20. Tattoos → None
21. Righty or lefty → Righty

22. First surgery → None
23. First piercing → Ears
24. First best friends → Stephanie
26. First sport you joined → Track and Field
27. First pet → Rabbit; I called her Fluffy
28. First vacation → Hong Kong
29. First concert → Spice Girls
30. First crush → Justin Timberlake from Nsync; currently I'm digging Taeyang. 

49. Eating → No
50. Drinking → Water
52. I'm about to → write my critique
53. Listening to → Justin Nozuka - Mr. Therapy Man
55. Waiting for → The Winter semester to end.

58. Want kids? → Someday
59. Want to get married? → Someday
60. Careers in mind? → Social Worker

68. Lips or eyes → Both; but a nice smile is essential
69. Hugs or kisses → I like both equally.
70. Shorter or taller → Taller or equal height
71. Older or Younger → Older
72. Romantic or spontaneous → Both!
73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both!
74. Sensitive or loud → Both!
75. Hook-up or relationship → Definitely relationship
77. Trouble maker or hesitant → A nice mixture would be nice.

78. Kissed a stranger → No.
79. Drank hard liquor → Yes.
80. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes, contacts have a tendency to pop out. =(
81. Sex on first date → No.
82. Broken someone's heart → Um, probably not.
83. Had your own heart broken→ No, just disappointed.
85. Been arrested → No, but I'm sure it would make for a very interesting story if I did.
86. Turned someone down → Yes, haha, I regret it now.
87. Cried when someone died → Yes.
88. Liked a friend that is a girl? → Of course; I like my female friends. 

89. Yourself → Of course.
90. Miracles → Sure, they happen right!?
91. Love at first sight → No. Attraction at first sight, yes.
92. Heaven → Yes
93. Santa Clause → At one point of my life I did.
95. Kiss on the first date? → Depends on the mood, context and the guy.
96. Angels → Yes

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → No
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → No
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? → Okay