Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photogenic Hare

One of many hares at the University of Calgary. Poor guy still hasn't changed color yet and its spring! :S

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flora Art

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cloudy Day

Photo taken last week at the University of Calgary.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review on LUSH Cosmetics: Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb), Love Soap & Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

 LUSH Cosmetics: Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb), Love Soap & Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

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I love LUSH cosmetics and their innovative product names. However, Sex Bomb is not a name that I'm fond of; it sounds smutty to me. I think they should rename this product to Passion bomb. Aside from the silly name, the bath bomb is still wonderful. The smell of warm musk, jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang fills the whole house, and lingers on the skin for a long time. The rich floral and exotic scent relaxes sore muscles and soothes my mind. It’s a great product to use before bed time or before heading out to the clubs. The bath bomb transforms the water into a beautiful creamy pink wonderland with rice paper rose petals slowly floating around. The soya milk softens and hydrates the skin; no need to moisturize afterwards. Don't forget to rinse off the ring around rub around the tub after using the Sex Bomb. Final words: I will repurchase this product. I recommend this bath bomb for people who want a fun escape from everyday worries. Grade: A-

I meant to post this entry in Feb. but I didn't have the chance. :( Anyways, Love Soap  is a limited edition soap made to celebrate (Heart Day or) Valentine's Day; it is visually beautiful. The soap lathers and cleans well; I have no complaints about its functions. :P   It smells exactly like the Sex Bomb, but the scent is very faint. This soap is for people who like lightly scented cleansers that doesn't linger on the skin. If you are a fan of body glitter this is your kind of soap; the red sparkles adheres well to the skin. Grade: C+

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb smells pleasant; it fills the bathroom with the scent of jasmine, rose, and ginger. I placed it on my tub floor while I showered; it slowly fizzes and releases the fragrant and heart-warming scents.  The nourishing oils from the product hydrates my feet, before going down the drain. Just a word of caution the emotibomb leaves the tub a tad slippery. Grade: B-

Friday, March 19, 2010

Review on LUSH Cosmetics: You Snap the Whip Body Butter

Widget: Two photos of  You Snap the Whip Body Butter

As you all may know I tried Buffy (the Backside Slayer) Body Butter and loved it. I can't say the same about You Snap the Whip Body Butter. The bar is made with charcoal and pumice stone, and Macadamia Nut oil.  The body butter has a creamy formula that leaves the skin polished and hydrated, but not soft and silky.  I enjoy the yummy smell of sweet blueberries and black licorice. The scent lightly lingers on the skin for about an hour or two and slowly fades away. However, the bar itself melts incredibly fast, but it can be stored at room temperate just fine.  The body butter does not stain the skin but leaves a mess in the shower; there's black grains from the bar in the tub. Be sure to put some elbow grease in when cleaning up! 

I personally would not repurchase this product because I seek a heavier moisturizer. However, I do recommend You Snap the Whip to people who have normal to oily skin and want to try a light body scrub & non-greasy moisturizer.

Grade: D+

Review on Burt's Bees Classic Tin Quartet

 Widget: Two photos with my Burt's Bee Tins

The four 0.30oz introductory tins retails for $8.95 and they make excellent gifts. The collection includes the follow items:
  • 1 Beeswax Lip Balm Tin
  • 1 Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
  • 1 Hand Salve
  • 1 Res-Q Ointment
My family and I are big fans for Burt's Bees because their formulas are natural and  Earth-friendly. My brother and I especially love the Beeswax Lip Balm. The lip balm smells like freshly grounded peppermint. We discovered the lip balm when we were on Accutane/Clarus. It is a miracle lip balm since it relieved us from our sore, cracked, and dry lips.  Once the product is applied your will lips feel tingly and cool.  The formula is soothing and provides long-lasting hydration. This is a classic lip balm that we have in the car, bathroom, computer desk, etc. Bottom line: we can't live without it and highly recommend this product to friends and family.

The Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream smells like creamy homemade lemon meringue pie. And the Hand Salve smells "herbally". Both products are thick, nourishing, and quickly sinks into the skin. The formulas not waxy or greasy and provides enriched moisture for the cuticle, nails, and hands. The Res-Q Ointment is my mom's all time favorite product. It promotes faster healing for minor burns, cuts and other "ouchies".

The tins are designed to fit just about anywhere such as in pockets and purses. Also they are convenient to carry with you when traveling. However the tins aren't perfect. The tins are extremely difficult to open. My tip is to use a large rubber band (for grip) and wrap it on the lid then twist. Good luck; you'll need it.
Final Grade: A-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

The Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder sells for $3.00 USD. I've been told by friends that this is supposedly to be a knock-off of NARS' Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo. Either way, E.L.F.'s makeup does the job and for less the cost!

I really like the compact the product comes in; it's a sleek and elegant black case. In my experience, both the blush and bronzer are easy to apply because they are finely milled. Also the blush and bronzer has a natural color with a hint of shimmer. FYI, the blush appears to be more shimmery than the bronzer. They are lightweight, easy to build up color (if necessary), and blend well into the skin. Personally the products are highly pigmented and long-lasting (i.e. they don't fade or wear off for at least 8 hours).  I think they are suitable for all skin types

I lightly brush on the bronzing power in the hollows of my cheeks (i.e. under cheekbones), and jaw line in order to create for definition. Or I use the blush on the apple of my cheeks and a quick dusting on my forehead to create a warm healthy glow. I highly recommend the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. I am planning to repurchase this product.

Grade: A-

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Mocha Maniac

Photo 3: Wearing the product

I appreciate that Eyeslipsface.com's endeavor is to make high quality cosmetics affordable. Most products, like the Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Mocha Maniac, are only for $1.00 USD.

I am very pleased with the quality of the lip gloss. First, I love the container; simply slide the top to access the product.  You can apply the product using a clean finger or lip brush; I don't find a difference between the two. The color is a very subtle nude with iridescent glitter.  The gloss is long-lasting, sheer, and moisturizing Best of all it is not sticky! The gloss also tastes sweet and smells delicious! The subtle scent reminds me of fresh Starbucks' sweet and creamy coffee. I highly recommend trying Candy Shop Lip Gloss. I am going to repurchase this product but in a different color. I think I'm going to try Berry Pop next.

Grade: B+ The reason for the low grade is due to S&H (~$7USD). I'm aware that if I spend over $75 I qualify for free shipping but....I live in Canada and my max. spending can only be $20. If my order is greater than $20, I will get dinged at customs.:(

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio Powder Brush

E.L.F. Cosmetics- Studio Powder Brush is a sturdy multipurpose beauty tool. It sells for $3.00 USD. It's very dense, and soft, but not as soft as the Kabuki Face Brush. When I use the powder brush it feels like I'm rubbing soft velvet on my skin. I use it as a stippling, contouring, and blending brush for my liquid foundation and powders. It leave my skin looking dewy and flawless. I washed the brush eight or nine times and the bristles haven't shed yet. I have no complaints about the brush...yet.

Grade: A+

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Kabuki Face Brush

I love my Kabuki face brush.  It sells for $5.00 USD.  The brush extremely soft and fluffy. It is also light, compact  and versatile.  The brush can be used with wet or dry products.  Its well-designed picks up the right amount of products providing the right amount of coverage. I use this brush to precisely apply foundation, bronzer, mineral powder, and blush on my skin. The brush helps me create naturally smooth, glowing and healthy skin. I washed the brush five or six times already and the bristles haven't shed yet. ^_^ I highly recommend buying this brush.

Grade: A+

Review on The Organic Pharmacy: Carrot Butter Cleanser

Overview: The Organic Pharmacy: Carrot Butter Cleanser is an organic, high quality balm cleanser that instantly melts on contact with the skin. The product contains no artificial chemicals, harsh preservatives or fragrances. :)

Scent: The cleanser smells very natural and earthy with hints of methanol. Overall the scent reminds me of Vicks.

Directions & My Personal Experience: I usually use the product at night to remove my make-up and eyeliner before I go to bed. The balm very rich and nourishing so I only scoop out a dime size amount of cleanser with the provided spatula. Then I gently and evenly apply the balm all over my face. The cleanser feels greasy, but it doesn't clog pores. Next, I wet my muslin cloth with hot water. Then using the warm cloth I remove the product and polish my skin. Lastly I splash my face with warm water then pat dry with a towel. The cleanser leaves my skin , clean, smooth, soft, and matte (i.e. no sheen).

Cons: The product only has a shelf-life of six months. The product is a bit pricey £31.95.

Final words: I highly recommend this product, especially to people who currently have dry and flaky skin.

Grade: B

My Passion for Foodtography

My Love for "Watchtography"

Photo 1: My brother's Nixon watch: The District

Photo 2: A close up of the Nixon watch

Photo 4: Close up of my artscow customized watch