Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ipad 2!

This was a late Father's Day Gift...or a present for myself. I've discovered the best game in the world, Plants vs Zombies. I was so addicted to playing the game that I went to bed at 2AM for several nights.
*Front view of box

 *Front view

 *Side view

*I'm bloggin' in style now!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Self Love - An Update

Hello Readers, 

It's been awhile since I have done a update! I have been up to so much stuff. I've taken two spring courses (that is People & Place - a graduate course and International Indigenous Issues) and worked.  Aside from school and work I have:  

*Eaten a lot of good foooooood!

*Vermicelli, seaweed and fish balls

*This was from the Easter Bunny, seriously 

 *Fresh salad; home grown lettuce

*I love you Chapman's 

*A very sweet dessert; thanks to my 6th Uncle for buying my tons of Chinese bakes goods

*Made many hauls

*Business wear to casual shirt

*A handbag from my dear aunt

*(Ryan, Chris and Robin) see my bedsheets are not Disney Princesses

*Yes, I will post reviews very soon

*Received tons of free magazines
*My guilty pleasures

*Received many flowers

*...although I haven't been diligently taking photos of flowers I've been given

*Received many beautiful arts and crafts from my students
* Paper bunny

* Paper crane

* Mermaid

*Attended my cousin's wedding

*It was a super long but fun filled day
*Left photo: front of dress; Right photo: back of dress
* I wore this dress to the church ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral and my hair was in big curls. A big thanks to Uncle Patrick Yan from Right In Hair Style for doing my hair.

*My evening gown; worn during the tea ceremony and dinner reception. 

*Had a surprise hair cut 
*...and no my mom did not take gardening scissors to cut my hair. I'm sad I lost 4 inches of hair. =(

*Went on a field trip to Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch
*...with my students

*This photo is obviously taken from their website

*Hung out with friends and family
*Which consisted of watching movies and X-File eps., gorging on pizza, drinking tons of tea, window shopping, eating get the drift

*Started studying for my Summer Courses
*I'm taking senior level Social Work courses, which are Grief & Loss and Human Sexuality

 *Notice how many times I have written the word "sex" 

Lots of Love,

Friday, June 24, 2011

CoverGirl Clean Oil-Control Foundation Review

*Front and back of the bottle

*Top view of the bottle

With our Clean Oil Control Makeup, you'll get all the shine control you want, without the drying coverage you don't. Our Clean foundation is made with ultra-light oil-absorbers that control oil, plus gentle conditioners that help prevent dryness.
 My Experience
  • Price: $7.59 CAD for 30 mL or 1 fl oz 

  • A blurb: There are 12 shades to select from. I purchased the liquid foundation in Medium Light 535, and I for hygine purposes I use a foundation brush to apply the makeup on. You can also use clean fingertips, a makeup sponge or cotton pad.

  • Pros: An affordable founation that does the job in covering up redness, evening out the skin tone and covering up large pores.  The founation provides light coverage, and goes on smoothly without leaving streaks on my face.  If more coverage is needed around the corners of the mouth and nostrils just apply more of the foundation; it's buildable.   I'm quite pleased that the thick and creamy foundation doesn't clog pores, cause acne or blackheads, and prevents sleek, oily and shiny skin.  The product looks and feels natural on my face all day long. It washes off easily with a cleanser.

  • Cons: The glass bottle with a screw on cap makes it challenging to get to product out. It's like playing hide-and-seek with glass ketchup bottles.  The foundation has a tendancy to dry out my skin, and cause flaking.  Especially avoid applying  this founation near the eye area because it will cause major dryness in that region, and it will take several days for the skin to balance out.

  • Bottom line:  I would only recommend this foundation for oily skin types.

  • Grade: 8.2/10

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quo Full Eyelash Adhesive Review

*The packaging 

*Quo Adhesive with a "precision" applicator tub

My Experience

*Price: $6.49 CAD 
*Pros: My lashes stays put all day (eight plus hours) with the expection of slight peeling on the corners of the lashes. The glue dries clear and unnoticeable on my skin.
*Cons:   This Quo glue is a total disappointment. When I placed the glue on the false lashes and near my eyes, my eyes would start burning and watering. It feels like I just dropped rubbing alcohol in my eyes.

The glue is also quite difficult and messy to use. I would have to say the Quo glue texture and consistency is comparable to the adhesive from hot glue guns. The Quo glue is very thick, sticky and stringy, and once the tube is opened the product continously oozes out. The glue is extremely stringy in that it makes my false lashes looks like I spun sugar on my falsies. The glue ruined my new falsies; I tried salvaging my falsies by cleaning the glue off my the lashes but they are a lost cause.  Furthermore, if you can't adjust your false lashes if you happen to make a mistake in placement. I try to adjust my falsies and the glue started taking off my eyeshadows and eyeliner. -_-!

Okay, once the lashes are applied and the glue has dried be prepared for consistant uncomfortableness and the occasional shocks of eye pain. The glue dries rock hard, and I could feel the glue pulling on my lids whenever I blinked. I never grew comfortable with the glue; by the end of the day I just wanted to rip the falsies off.

However, you can't just peel the falsies off...oh no! Seriously don't try it, it hurts a lot!  The adhesive tugged at my skin and pulled out some of my real lashes.

It's time consuming to remove from the lashes. Perhaps others have found a easier way to remove the glue. Anyhow, I applied a damp towel to my eyes and let it sit there for about ten minutes before I was able to remove the falsies.

*Bottom Line: I would not be repurchasing this latex free glue and I do NOT recommend this product to anyone. 
* Grade: 3.0 /10

Saturday, June 18, 2011

E.L.F. Eyeshadow "C" Brush Review

*Top view
of brush

*Side view of brush

The Claims for the E.L.F. Eyeshadow "C" Brush
This new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush!
  • Creates the perfect smokey eye
  • The medium size brush gives more control for more specific blending needs
  • Use with any powder eyeshadow product for color blending
My Experience

* Price:$3.00 USD; sometimes it's on sale for $1.50
* Pros: I own two "C" brushes. The "C" brush is a sleek and professional looking brush that is easy to clean. The high quality brush picks up a medium amount of eyeshadow, which makes for easy and precise application of the products. The brush is functional, sturdy (i.e. no hairs fall out) and stylish.
* Cons: The brush is a bit heavy and bulky in that the handle is too long. 
*Bottom Line: I would definitely repurchase the "C" brush, and I would highly recommend my readers to purchase this tool. 
* Grade: 9.7/10

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revlon Crazy Shine - Nail Buffer Review

Step 1

Step 2



The Claims for Revlon Crazy Shine 

The secret to the 10 second manicure. Creates 400% more shine than bare nails. Unique, comfortable shape for easy use.  Green side smooths and evens out nail surface. White side polishes to an outrageous shine. Create top-coat shine in seconds. 
 My Experience
  • Price: Between $5 -$3 per buffer
  • Pros: I love this buffer! It is super easy and fast to use, non-scented, and creates mega glassy shine.  The tear drop shape buffer is the perfect shape because it allows me to get close to my cuticle area and the edges of my nails. The shine gradually wears off after a couple of days and the nails reverts back to its natural state...say good-bye to the unkept chipped nail polish look!
  • Cons: The shine doesn't last long on my finger nails; about 3 days maximum. 
  • Bottom line:  It's a must have for everyone! The buffer goes on sale frequently and apply a $2 coupon manufacturer's coupon (MFC), which is commonly found in Elle Canada magazine.
  • Grade: 9.8/10