Sunday, January 17, 2010

LUSH Cosmetics: Vanilla Dee-lite (Body Lotion)

Photo 1: My bottle of Vanilla Dee-lite

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Pleasant smelling (exotic, scrumptious, sweet, creamy vanilla scent)
-Scent lasts all day
-An extra light but moisturizing and hydrating lotion
-Fast absorbing
-Non-greasy, non-oily, non-sticky
-Improves skin texture and appearance
-Skin appears brighter
-No sheen
-Travel size
-Flip-top lid
-Great for people with normal or oily skin

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Product has a very thin consistency
-People with dry skin need a heavier moisturizer

Overall Grade: A
Final thoughts: I'm a big fan of this product .I always have this product in stock and use it as a hand lotion. I would recommend you to try it out.

LUSH Cosmetics Gift Set: "From...With Love"

I received this classy collection of eight body care products from my dear brother. Thank you for the wonderful present. :)
Photo 1: Gift Set--From...With Love; slightly unwrapped. I was too eager and pulled off the red ribbon before the photo taken.

Photo 2: Gift Set--From...With Love; opened. Gift set contained Snow Fairy 100mL, Up You Gets 90g,  Heavanilli 55g, Snow Showers 100g, Sugar Babe 100g, Father Frost 100g,  Snowcake 100g, Honey Trap 10g, and 15% discount card--one time use (not featured in my photo).

Photo 3: Dates on the bottom of the gift set.

Recommendations: Money saving tip is to purchase the items separately.

Photo 4: Snow Fairy 100mL

Photo 5: Shake well before use!
1.) Likes/Pros: 
-Pleasant smell (Sweet, fruity, grapefruit scent)
-Light lingering scent on skin and in hair all day 
-Skin and hair feels squeaky clean after-use
-Not greasy or oily
-Easy application
-Luxurious lather (22)
-Travel size
-Safe for daily use

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Sparkles adhere to skin, and hair 
-Challenges to clean up in the tub

Overall Grade: B+
Final thoughts: I would repurchase this item for occasional use before I go out to casual parties.
Photo 6: Up You Gets 90g

1.) Likes/Pros: 
-Pleasant smell (Citrus: Lemon-lime, grapefruit scent)
-Great value (~$3.XX)
-Easy to break or cut into chunks
-Food for the soul ;)
-Mentally refreshing
-Product placed on shower floor: Oils released makes feet smooth
-Placed on soap rack: Product lasts longer; slowly releases oils and scents

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Light scent in shower
-Product wasn't strong enough to give me that wake-me-up kick in the morning :(
-Scent does not linger on skin but lingers in the bathroom
-Placed on the shower floor: Product disappeared quickly ( ~ 45 seconds)

Overall Grade: C-
Final thoughts: I would repurchase this item in lieu of air fresheners.
Photo 7: Heavanilli 55g
1.) Likes/Pros: 
-A pleasant sensational smell (Yummy, musky french-vanilla scent)
-Lingers on skin for several hours
-Easy application; Melts on contact
-Oily and greasy initially but sinks into skin
-Soothes flakiness, hydrates skin and moisturizes
-Works great on elbows, knees and ankles
-Doesn't get messy (Yay!)
-A little bit goes a long way; product lasts much longer than bottle lotions
-The pink on the product does not stain the skin 

Overall Grade: A

Final thoughts: I would repurchase this item and recommend it to others.


Photo 8: Snow Showers 100g top of container

Photo 9: Snow Showers Jelly!

Photo 10.  Empty canister. :(

1.) Likes/Pros:
-A fun squishy jelly! (Reminds me of Jell-O ^__^)
-Pleasant smell (sweet, spicy, orange-lime scent)
-Light linger scent for a few hours
-Safe to use on the face
-"No more tears"; Product does not sting or irritate eyes
-Cleans effectively
-Does not dry skin out
-Rich lather
-Product tastes salty, not bitter
-Keep in fridge or freezer for a more solid soap
2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Chunks of the product ends up down the drain
-Long shelf-life (greater than 12 months)

Overall Grade: B+
Final thoughts: It's a must try product! 
Photo 11: Sugar Babe 100g

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Pleasant smell (a creamy vanilla-coconut scent)
-A granulated sugar scrub
-Gentle exfoliant
-Super soft and smooth skin after-use
-Easy to cut up and use (divide into 4 pieces) 
-Use on elbows, knees, legs, ankles and feet
-Non-greasy, non-oily
-Great value

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Melts upon contact with water 
-Slightly messy; crumbles easily
-Does not moisturize skin

Overall Grade: B-
Final thoughts: I will repurchase this item and recommend it to others. 

Photo 12: Father Frost 100g
1.) Likes/Pros:
-Pleasant smell (elegant flora scent; unisex)
-Easy to use
-Cleans effectively
-Moisturizing, but not greasy or oily
-Skin feels silky smooth after-use
-Luxurious lather but not creamy
-Product lasts a long time; doesn't just melt away quickly
-Soap doesn't stain your skin or tub

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Scent does not linger on skin
-On LUSH's website the soap is suppose to be indigo blue, but my bar is black...what happened?! :(

Overall Grade: B-
Final thoughts: I product that I will purchase again because it makes a nice hand soap or gift.  

Photo 13:  Snowcake 100g still in packaging

Photo 14. Top view of product.

Photo 15. Side view of the bar.

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Pleasant smell (yummy, sweet almond scent)
-Easy application
-Cleans effectively
-Moisturizing, but not greasy or oily
-Doesn't strip natural oils from skin
-Rich and creamy lather

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Scent doesn't linger on skin
-Soap melts away fast :( 

Overall Grade: B-
Final thoughts:  I will repurchase this product when it's on sale.

Photo 16: Honey Trap 10g   
1.) Likes/Pros:
-Prevents wind burn 
-Treats chapped lips
-Fast absorbing
-Tingly feeling after application

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Heavy musky honey scent
-After application I received comments from friends and family about a "funky" smell (it was my lip balm! *sad*)
-Difficulties in application; product is a hard solid and does not melt easily on to finger tips
-Slightly gritty
-Tastes salty
-No SPF protection

Overall Grade: D

Final thoughts: A disappointing product it was not creamy or rich. I would try other LUSH lip balms but I would not repurchase or recommend this item.

LUSH Cosmetics: Aqua Marina

Photo 1: Aqua Marina; a nickel size amount for one time use 

Aqua Marina is quite similar to A.O.B.S. (Angels on Bare Skin) except...  
- it is an ultra creamy cleanser 
-does not provide any exfoliation 
-it is invigorating; leaves skin feeling clean
-good for acne troubled skin; balances our natural oils
-calms redness
-does not smell like lavender but instead a strong medicinal scent (yuck!)

Overall Grade: B+
My final thoughts: The smell of the product needs to be altered but the results of the product is excellent.

LUSH Cosmetics: Angels on Bare Skin

Photo 1: Angels on Bare Skin; a nickel size amount for one time use

1.) Likes/Pros:
-A gentle and creamy cleanser
-Does not strip skin of its natural oil 
-Grounded almonds serves as a light exfoliant
-Leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft
-Improves skin texture and complexion
-Reduces blotches on skin
-Safe to use daily use and twice a day
-Great for sensitive and dry skin, also good for combination skin
-A light and pleasant natural/organic lavender scent
-A little goes a long way
-Fairly long shelf-life; several months depending on when product was made and purchased
-Good value

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Takes time, effort and skill to make the right consistency
-Sometimes gets messy; lavender seeds are left behind in the sink

3.) Use
I take a dime size amount of A.O.B.S. then wet my face. I rub the product on to my skin in a circular motion and then I rise the product off.

Overall Grade: A-
Final thoughts: Product provides a unique experience. Definitely worth a try. I would purchase this product over and over.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

LUSH Cosmetics: Ultra Bland

Photo 1: Ultra Bland--a facial cleanser container

Photo 2: Ultra Bland--a close-up

1.) Likes/Pros: 
- A very gentle cleanser (no burning or stinging sensation after application)
-Effectively removes makeup (heavy black eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and foundation)
-Skin feels smooth and soft after-use  
-Rich, thick and super moisturizing
-No need to use lotion (Yay! A time-saver)
-Improves skin texture and complexion
-Gives skin a dewy appearance
-Excellent for dry and sensitive skin
-Safe for daily use
-Lightly scented (smells like roses)
-Product is familiar (reminds me of Vaseline)
-Light exfoliant; the product is a bit gritty
-A little goes a long way; just need a dime size amount

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Occasionally clogs pores which results in minor breakouts :(

3.) Use:
I apply the product all over my face and rub it in in a circular motion. Then I take a warm wash cloth and wipe all the product off.

Overall Grade: B
Final thoughts: A unique product that effectively removes all make-up. I would repurchase this product.

LUSH Cosmetics: Skin Drink

Photo 1: Skin Drink--a facial moisturizer container

Photo 2: Skin Drink--open top

1.) Likes/Pros:
-A rich and thick moisturizer
-Good for dry or combination skin  
-Easy and smooth application
-Instant relief for itchiness and prevents flakiness
-Soothes and reduces redness
-Improves skin texture
-Fast absorption
-Moisturizes skin all day long (day and night use)
-A little bit of the product goes a long way; you just need a dab of it
-Natural/organic scent; smells like roasted nuts

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Leaves a slight sheen to face

Overall Grade: B
Final thoughts: The product is okay. If it is on sale I would purchase it; otherwise I can live without it.

LUSH Cosmetics: Buffy (the Backside Slayer) Body Butter

Photo 1: A packaged Buffy (the Backside Slayer) Body Butter

Photo 2: Unwrapped, close-up of a Buffy (the Backside Slayer) Body Butter

1.) Likes/Pros:
-High quality exfoliator
-A rich and luxurious moisturizer
-No need to use lotion after using Buffy! This is a great time-saver
-Leaves skin glowing and super soft
-Product leaves a protective film of oil on skin
-Pleasant smell (a light lavender fragrance; a natural/organic scent)
-Easy application; it just melts on contact
-The product is long-lasting and so are the results (24 hour moisturization!)

-Combats winter dryness and flakiness
-All over body use; do not use on neck or face (!)
-Doesn't clog my pores

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Sometimes a little too abrasive on skin
-Leaves my tub a little gritty
I wish I had more disposable income to purchase this product regularly.

3.) Uses:
I wash with a bar of soap or body wash then rinse off. I turn off the tap and use Buffy, rubbing the product *LIGHTLY* in circular motion over my elbows, knees, legs and feet. Then I rinse off the ground rice, almonds and aduki beans. I either lightly pat myself dry with a towel or allow my skin to air dry.

4.) Storage Recommendations
-In a tin or zip lock bag and in the fridge (to prevent melting)

Overall Grade: A
Final thoughts: This is a must have product! Of course I would repurchase this item.

LUSH Cosmetics: Karma Bubble Bar

Photo 1: A packaged Karma Bubble Bar

Photo 2: Unwrapped, close-up of a Karma Bubble Bar.

1.) Likes/Pros (I absolutely love this Bubble Bar! Let me count the ways):
-High quality product
-Heavily scented but not overpowering
-Smells natural and sweet; an exotic fruity-citrus aroma
-Scent lingers on skin
-Easy to crumble and cut
-Bath water becomes rich and creamy
-The water turns a light apricot color, but does not stain bath tub or skin (Thank goodness!)
-Skin is super silky and touchable
-Skin feels soft and moisturized but not greasy
-Produces a great amount of luxurious bubbles and they are long-lasting
-Refreshing experience
-Stress, muscle aches and body tensions melt away

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
 I wish I had more disposable income to purchase this product regularly.

Overall grade: A- 
Final thoughts: I would definitely repurchase this product and highly urge others to try this product.

Thanks for reading!

LUSH Cosmetics: Fresh Face Masks (A Crash Course in Skincare & BB Seaweed)

Photo 1: Lush cosmetics front of fresh face mask container; A Crash Course in Skincare

Photo 2: A Crash Course in Skincare

Photo 3: Lush cosmetics back of fresh face mask container; A Crash Course in Skincare

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Smooth application
-Product has the perfect consistency (not chunky or runny)
-Cool to the touch (since the mask must be stored in the fridge)
-Face feels soft, moisturized and revitalized
-Porcelain skin after-use
-Brightens face
-Leaves a lemony yogurt scent (mmmm, yummy!)
-Recommended to people with dry skin
-Calming to the mind and skin
-Dries within 15 mins. of a light application
-Gently tightens skin
-Easily removed with a warm wash cloth

2.) Dislikes/Cons
-Short shelf-life (about 2 weeks)
-Average value ($8.35 CAD)

Overall Grade: A+
Final thoughts: I love this mask because of the wonders it does for my skin. I would definitely repurchase this item.

BB Seaweed

Photo 4: Lush cosmetics front of fresh face mask container; BB Seaweed

Photo 5: Lush cosmetics BB Seaweed (fresh face mask)

Photo 6: Lush cosmetics BB Seaweed (fresh face mask) chunks of seaweed

Photo 7: Lush cosmetics back of fresh face mask container; BB Seaweed

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Lemon-lime scent (very pleasant)
-Gentle exfoliator for face, elbows, knees and feet

2.) Dislikes/Cons
-Short self-life (about 2 weeks)
-Average value ($8.35 CAD)
-Experienced difficulties in application
-Product was extremely chunky because of the large pieces of seaweed
-The mask did not stick to my skin (It was frustrating because most of the product ended up in the sink.)
-No noticeable improvements in my skin

Overall Grade: D
Final thoughts: After all the positive reviews I have read and heard about BB Seaweed, the mask ended up to be disappointing.  I would NOT repurchase this item.

Thanks for reading!

LUSH Cosmetics: Lush Toner Tabs (Vitamin C & E)

Photo 1: LUSH Cosmetics; a Vitamin C toner tab

Photo 2: LUSH Cosmetics; a Vitamin E toner tab

Photo 3: Dissolving a Vitamin C toner tab in a bowl of hot water

I didn't find a significant difference between the Vitamin C and Vitamin E toners therefore the rest of the review I will not address them separately.

1.) Likes/Pros:

a.) After-use
-Face feels soft, moisturised and hydrated
-Soothes redness and blotchiness
-Smooth and glowing skin
-Shrinks enlarged pores
-Eliminates dryness and dullness

b.) The Experience
-Light flora scent
-Food for the soul ;)

c.) Evaluations 
-Safe for daily use
-Gentle on sensitive skin

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Average value ($1.50 per tab)
-Leaves a saltly after-taste in my mouth (I know what you are thinking; trust me, I'm not licking or drinking the product)

3.) Creative Uses:
If you are frugal, like me, there are multiple ways to stretch the use of this product! I usually dissolve a toner tab in a tin bowl of warm water. After steaming my face I can pour the water away or I can...

a.) Let the water cool and pour it into a spritz bottle. Then store the toner in the fridge and use it as a regular toner. The toner lasts for about a week.

b.) Soak your hands, elbows or feet in the water. Then pour away the water.

c.) Soak a cloth in the water and then rub your face with the cloth. This will exfoliate your skin.

I would love to hear from you. Email me at bioscisweetie[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment below telling me how you use toner tabs!  :)

4.) Storage
I store my toner tabs in a zip lock bag because it will preserve the freshness of the product. I also place it in my closet since it is a dry and dark place. This is will prevent the product from prematurely expiring.

Overall grade: A-
Final Notes: I would repurchase this product in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

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