Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revlon Crazy Shine - Nail Buffer Review

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The Claims for Revlon Crazy Shine 

The secret to the 10 second manicure. Creates 400% more shine than bare nails. Unique, comfortable shape for easy use.  Green side smooths and evens out nail surface. White side polishes to an outrageous shine. Create top-coat shine in seconds. 
 My Experience
  • Price: Between $5 -$3 per buffer
  • Pros: I love this buffer! It is super easy and fast to use, non-scented, and creates mega glassy shine.  The tear drop shape buffer is the perfect shape because it allows me to get close to my cuticle area and the edges of my nails. The shine gradually wears off after a couple of days and the nails reverts back to its natural state...say good-bye to the unkept chipped nail polish look!
  • Cons: The shine doesn't last long on my finger nails; about 3 days maximum. 
  • Bottom line:  It's a must have for everyone! The buffer goes on sale frequently and apply a $2 coupon manufacturer's coupon (MFC), which is commonly found in Elle Canada magazine.
  • Grade: 9.8/10


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