Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Lovin'

Friday, July 30, 2010

Curious Little Owl

I feel inspired to start putting up daily random photos. Also this will let you know that I am alive and well! ^_^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review Floating Island Bath Melt (LUSH Cosmetics)

Photo 1.   Floating Island Bath Melt - looks like a cupcake! Nom, nom, nom, haha.

$7.95 excluding GST

The Experience - Like a Warm Hug from a Good Ol' Friend
This bath melt is a luxurious escape to wonderland. First, my olfactory senses were on a magic carpet ride; Floating Island smells like fresh sandalwood, lemon, and vanilla. The product adds spice to my baths. It softened the water into a cloudy rich formula of heavenly silk. This bath melt is the ultimate food for my soul.

Drop the bath melt into the warm running water and jump in. The slow-melting product gradully releases its aromatic scent.  FYI, The product doesn't product bubbles.

I acheived uber soft, silky, and smooth skin, and a deep relaxed state of mind.The product soothes irritated skin and provides long lasting skin hydration. What more can I ask for?

Bottom Line - Best $8 I have Spent on Therapy
I highly recomed the Floating Island Bath melt to everyone. Those who have dry skin should use the whole bath melt, and individuals with oily skin should use 25% of the bath melt. I would definitely repurchase this bath melt for myself, as a gift, and as a decoration. =)

Final Grade: A+

Review on Rembrandt Mouthwash with Fluoride, Fresh Mint

I dislike using alcoholic mouthwash because of the burining sensation. Alsol, I find those types of mouthwashes too harsh on my gums. So I decided to experiment with a mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide.

The Rembrandt Mouthwash with Fluoride in Fresh Mint costs about $8.50 at my local drug store. 

My Teeth...
are slightly stained and senstive. I am a heavy coffee drinker, and occasional wine consumer. =(

The Experience
The taste of the mouthwash was extremely cool and minty with a kick or "umph". 

Instructions and Use of the Product
Those who know me personally - see me eat all the time. True story. In order to increase the potency of the product I use this mouthwash before going to bed. The instructions said not to eat, drink or rinse 30 munutes after using the product.

After about two weeks of use, I noticed that my teeth appear to be one shade whiter. =) Yay! For effective teeth whitening products.  *CON*: The mouthwash increased my teeth sensitivity. The mouthwash must have negated the effects the Sensodyne toothpaste. =(

Bottom Line
I  would recommend this mouthwash to those who are looking for a change in their oral hygine routine, and/or those who want to acheive whiter teeth without paying the high price.Those people with senstive teeth like myself should avoid using this mouthwash because it may heighten tooth senstivity.

Final Grade: C+

Monday, July 19, 2010

Farewell My Good Old Friends

I've been doing A LOT of summer cleaning, hence I have been MIA.  Anyhow, I think it's time I donated my gently used apparel.


1.) Homemade Food By Yours Truly
* Fried shrimp

 *Fish sticks

*Boiled shrimp with soy sauce

* Green onion, clams, and peanuts

*Lunch: Shrimp noodles, pork & chive wonton, and fish balls

2.) Herb Garden for Robin and Ryan

* I prepared some potted plants for my dear friends; top view.

*Alternative angle. Herb garden includes: chives, rosemary, parsley, and green onion.

3.) Homemade Crystal Light Popsicles with Fresh Fruits

4.) Vietnamese Cuisine with Laura and Jen
*Thanks Laura for taking these three photos of the cake. Mmmmmm...

* Iced coffee
*Mango slush

5.) Cookies!