Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review LUSH Cosmetics Solid Shampoo: Karma Komba

*Side view of the solid shampoo bar


* Top view

*The Claims for Karma Komba* 

Karma scented hair wash.

Calm the mind.

This Karma scented shampoo uses lavendin oil to promote a relaxed attitude, calmer mood and softer skin. It's a simple base that creates a rich foam to clean hair, but this one is really for scenting your hair with our Karma fragrance.

Orange oil smells delicious and tones scalps.

It has toning orange oil, plus pine and patchouli to help keep your scalp soothed and free of the problematic microbes that could cause dandruff.

Lavendin Oil

Lavendin oil is used in our Karma range, from soap to fragrance and haircare. It is soothing, calming and works to relax the emotions.
*My Experience with the Solid Shampoo Bar:*
  • Price: $9.95 for a bar (55 grams)
  • Effectiveness:  Karma Komba lathers very very well; a little bit of the shampoo goes a long way.  I've been using this bar on a regular basis for two months and I'm about half way through. Anyways, the bar leaves no residue whatsoever and makes my hair squeeky clean and sleek. The product also seems to balance the natural oils in my hair in that my hair appears less greasy.
  • Cons: The bar can be a bit drying to use everyday. I circulate my shampoos, and use the Karma Komba every other day or once a week for a through clean. Another con is that the shampoo doesn't give my hair that "umph" of volume.  
  • Scent: Herbally and citrusy - may take some time to get use to but the sent only lingers for 3-4 hours.
  • Bottom line: I would purchase solid shampoos in the future but I'm on the fence about repurchasing Karma Komba.   I love these bars because it's great to carry around when I'm traveling, and it's an environmentally friendly product. 
  • Grade: 8/10

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Review Cake Kiss Trio - Lip Butters

    *Side view of the box
    Cake Beauty - Lip butter trio; from left to right: Carmel Cream, Lemon Chiffon, Pink Berry

    * Bottom of the containers

    *The Claims for the Lip Butter Trio* 
    An irresistibly adorable trio of cake kiss lip butters that protect and soften your pout and lets you treat your lips to something different and indulgent every day.
    Formulated with:
    - shea butter, which is a rich and decadent ingredient known for its regenerative and protecant qualities that provide extra sun protection. nourishes and treats dry, chapped skin
    - pure coconut oilm which nourishes and softens leaving lips glowing and helps prevent dry, chapped skin and premature aging
    - orchid complex
    - rich in minerals, provides and locks in moisture and fights free radicals reducing the appearance of lines
    - aloe vera
    - smoothes wrinkles, heals skin irritations with a comforting oil and helps stimulate cell growth while addresses premature skin aging
    Formulated without:
    *parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, gmo, triclosan
    How to enjoy: Apply to lips daily. wear alone for a sheer, dewy and natural look or apply over top of your favourite lipstick for a glossy, polished look!
    *My Experience with the Lip Butters:*
    • Price: A set of 3 cake kisses costs $24 CAD, which means each container costs $8. 
    • Weight of the product: 6 grams or 0.2 oz per container
    • Shelf -life: 24 months 
    • Effectiveness:  The product goes on smooth giving  my lips a beautiful and healthy sheer. The butters are light in that do not leave a heaviness or greasiness on the lips. Finally, the product hydrates and protects my lips really well from the harsh winds and cold in Calgary.  
    • Con: They do not have SPF protection. =( 
    • Scent: They smell sweet and delicious!
    • Bottom line: Best lip butters I have ever used. I am definitely going to repurchase these lip butters and I recommend for those who face hard winters.  
    • Grade: 7.5/10

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Collision of Ink, Paper and Glue: Card Art

    I made this card in ten minutes.

     * The supplies
     *The base
     *Second layer
     * Final product
     *The inside
    *The envelope

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    The Joy of Soap: Peppermint Passion Review

    The Joy of Soap specializes in making all natural, handmade soap from certified organic ingredients. This is the large 5 0z kind! I had to cut the soap into 3 pieces.

    -A delightful yummy and minty scent
    -A mixture of spicy/hot peppermint and spearmint
    -A gentle product that does not dry skin out
    -Clean and fresh feeling after use
    -A luxurious wash with fluffy bubbles

    -No cool, and tingly sensation after application of the soap :(

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    All Things Good - An Update

    It's hard to believe it has been two weeks since I have updated my blog. I have been incredibly busy (as per usual). After April I will slooooow down and stop spreading myself so thin. The past two weeks I have just been working my gazillion jobs (okay, it's more like two but it feels like a gazillon) and going to school.

    1. My Freebies!

    2. Edible Stuff
     *One of my favorite de-stressors - eating frozen yogurt

    *Raw oysters!


    *Sweet cakes and desserts from Vancouver



    3. Study Material
     * Self made binder label for my course "Practice with Individuals"; my stick person is wearing a cape

     * Self made binder label for my course "Practice with Families"; my nuclear family

     * I am taking five courses this semester. Thank goodness I only need four textbooks! The total for the four texts was $478.22! All the books were bought new from the University of Calgary Bookstore...there was no used texts. =(

    * My notes for "Practice with Families"

    4. Goodies and Gifts

     * Key chain from Jen. A
     * Tickets to see Brian Eno: An Illustrated Talk (went with Dad and Karen). I was disappointed with talk because he did not bring sample music to play to us, and the few illustrations he showed were mediocre and generic. I felt the talk was a bit scattered because he didn't have a central topic to discuss. He talked about the history, revolution, function, and appreciation of art and music composition, but he also went down "rabbit trails" during his performance with stories. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching Eno, he is inspirational, as well as a witty and engaging presenter.

     * Chapstick basket

    * PUA (Pick-up Artists) I have a lot to say about this population...I'll save it for next time

     * Gap dress pants!

    5. CPR and First Aid
    * I'm certified!

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    I'm Spoiled!

    A beautiful black leather Kate Spade purse, and elegant wool gloves from Japan. Thanks Mom, Dad and Jones!

    *I love the polka dotted pink lining

    *Super comfortable

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Old Treasures Recovered!

    *I was doing a bit of house cleaning and found my Anthropologie bag filled with my summer hats!

     *I thought this label is hilarious!

     *Brand spanking new
     *Speaking of Puma...I lost my brown Puma shoes. I have searched everywhere in my house and can't find them. I think I lost them...(probably left them behind at a house party?). I don't know how I managed to lose shoes. Anyways, the search continues...

    *HA! Not everything is made in China. This is made in Korea!

     * Pretty embroidery