Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Care Package for a Sick Friend

Photo 1. My completed care package for a sick friend in the hospital

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It's 1:21 AM and I can't sleep.  :S  Hopefully, I tire myself out after making this "therapeutic" post. Also I am going to attempt some comfort tricks in order to get some sweet, sweet sleep... like drinking warm milk, wearing warm socks, listening to light music, and counting baby sheep. 4 comfort treatments FTW!

  1. A stuffed animal - I think he will make a good companion for lonely nights in the hospital.
  2. Two bottles of chicken essence - Mom said it's suppose to revitalize an ill person's body and mind.
  3. A coffee cup filled with fresh mint candy and two blue pens - These three items are must haves!
  4. One activity book - Entertainment to pass time and keep one's mind in tip top shape.
  5. Pochacco paper  - I wrote some encouraging words.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nabob Coffee: The World's Most Decadent Blends

"Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents; it is borrowed from your children." - Kenyan Proverb 
Photo 1. The Nabob Coffee kit I received from BzzAgent

I apologized for the poor quality of the last two photos; they were taken with my cell phone. Also I add a lot of milk and sugar to my coffee so it alters the natural dark color of the drink. :S

Thank you BzzAgent for sending me two tins of Nabob Coffee to review. I have to mention this again, as a BzzAgent I have a code of conduct to abide to that is be a natural and honest communicator, a listener, and to have fun! I welcome all questions or comments. If you have them please leave them in the comment section below or send me an email at bioscisweetie[at]gmail[dot]com.

My Experience with Nabob Coffee
I am a sucker for decadent coffee. By 'decadent' I don't mean expensive, overrated coffee with toppings and severed to me by a barista. I mean coffee that makes me involuntary smile after my first sip, and makes my belly warm and toes tingle.  I definitely found that warm and soulful experience in Nabob's Coffee. The dark roast, Full City Metropolis, is a rich, bold and flavorful brew. In contrast, the medium roast Breakfast Blend is a lighter drink with light citrus tones. I like both blends equally. :) See, I'm not a picky drinker.

More Experiences: Coffee Time for My Family and Friends 
I served the two blends of coffee to my friends, aunties and uncles who stopped by our house and there was a strong preference divide. I had twelve good friends stop by my place for an intensive study get together. There was no significant gender difference, even though the group was female dominant; 7 females and 5 males. All the 20-something year olds liked the Breakfast Blend because there is a light kick and zest of citrus. My friends said the Full City Metropolis is too strong and intense for their tastes. Anyhow it turned out to be a rowdy "study" session...everyone was a tad talkative and excited from the coffee sampling session.

My aunties and uncles who visited us had a high preference for the dark roast. They enjoyed and value the distinctive robust flavor and classic coffee "oomph". My relatives said the Breakfast formula is weak and tangy. The coffee was so delicious that they asked seconds on the dark roast. After I served them second cups I also I gave out my coupons for $1 off the product to my family.

Why I Support Nabob Coffee (in no particular order...)
  1. The decadent coffee is amazingly affordable. 311g-326g canisters the retail price is approximately $5.29 and the 915g-930g tins cost about $11.49 (from my Bzzguide).
  2. The canister wall is made from 100% recycled material. Do I need to elaborate more? 
  3. There is eight distinct flavors to choose from. Aside from the two mentioned blends there's also Espresso, Summit 100% Columbian, Tradition, Sumatra, and Traditional Swiss Water Decaffeinated.
  4. 60% of the coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified with the exception of the Sumatra Blend. Nabob Coffee Company's endeavor is to increase their amount of certified coffee to 100%. I highly approve of their goal because sustainability is vital. Like I mentioned in my previous post about Green Works is crucial that industries make quality products that meets our needs, meanwhile being respectful of our earth. 

Connection to Lecture Material
I highly recommend my readers to watch the documentary Black Harvest (1992). It's about  cash crops, exploitation,coffee-plantations in Papua New Guinea, and global and local dynamics. It is a spectacular documentary that I have watched three times! Check out a more comprehensive review of the motion-picture. After watching the film you will have a greater understand why I support fair-trade.

Nabob Coffee Company has further heightened my consciousness about sustainability. If we unify on an individual level and on an institutional level we can avoid tragedy of the commons. I am ecstatic to see companies like Nabob Coffee Company being environmental, economically, and socially responsible. I will continue to be a loyal consumer of their fine coffee.

Thanks for reading! Also I want to thank everyone for being really patient with me these past couple of weeks. I promise to post more regularly now that I'm done exams. ^____^

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio: Wide-Eye Doll Look (Entry #1)

A Wide-Eye Doll Look that is super easy to create. ^_^
*Click to the image to check out the color placements*

Maybelline EyeStudio Ingredients:
1.) Tantalizing Teal (#50)
2.) Carbon Frost (#05)
3.) Gel eyeliner in Blackest Black
4.) XXL Pro 24HR Bold Mascara

1.)  Marbleized Tantalizing Teal (#50)
       a.) Apply the (right) lighter eyeshadow all over your eyelids; stop at the crease.
       b.) Using the same color line the bottom of your eye.
       c.) Then apply the (left) darker shade on the outer corner of your eyes.
2.) Carbon Frost (#05)
       a.) Apply the lighter eyeshadow on top of 1c. This will add depth and dimension to the eyes.
       b.) Take the darker color and line your top lashes.
3.) Gel eyeliner Blackest Black
       a.) With a steady hand apply the eyeliner on top of 2b and your lower waterline.
4.) XXL Pro 24HR Bold Mascara
       a.) Curl your lashes.
       b.) Apply formula #1 followed by #2 for thick and full lashes.

Thanks for reading! I had lots of fun creating this look and I hope you enjoyed reading my mini makeup tutorial. If you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below.

To my blog readers: if you found this entry useful please vote for me here. Also you can win your own very own Maybelline EyeStudio Makeup Kit just by voting or commenting in the contest section, like I mentioned in my previous post.   Four participants will receive the same kit as the one photographed below. Good luck. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Win Your Own Maybelline EyeStudio Makeup Kit!

*Click to enlarge the images*
Photo 1. My Maybelline EyeStudio Makeup Kit from Maybelline & Matchstick
Photo 2. A close-up of the Color Plush Eye Shadow collection
Extra Notes: 12 Color Plush Ready-to-Wear Palettes
Photo 3. A close-up of the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner collection
Extra Notes: Products in order from left to right - brown (#952), grey/charcoal (#954), plum/eggplant (#956), and black/blackest black (#950)

Photo 5.  A close-up of the 4 XXL Pro Mascara collection
Extra Notes: From top to bottom - Extensions Washable, 24 HR Bold, Volume Washable, and Curl Washable

A big thanks to Matchstick and Maybelline for sending me a beautiful Maybelline EyeStudio Makeup Kit!

Maybelline is hosting a vlog/blog contest and I'm competing. *Excited* I create a variety of creative looks using Maybelline EyeStudio makeup products. These photos will then be posted up here, on my Facebook page, and under Maybelline's Facebook Contest tab.

Win your own very own Maybelline EyeStudio Makeup Kit just by voting here. Four participants will receive the same kit as the one photographed above.

Good luck! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sakura of America: Souffle Stickler Art Work

Some of my decorations with Souffle Sticklers and vinyl work. More photos to be up loaded. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio HD Powder

E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio HD Powder

My Evaluation: The high definition loose powder (HDLP) sells for $6 USD. As you can tell it is a white powered, but once applied to the skin it is translucent. It’s a fantastic product that  is light weight, minimizes large pores, and makes my skin look soft and silky. I like to use the HDLP to set my foundation and eye makeup. The powder enhances my appearance in photographs, matifies my skin, and controls shine.  The formula does not “wash” one out or give one a geisha appearance.  The container is beautiful, but a bit bulky. 

How-to-use: I find that the brush a better tool than the powder puff. I use my Studio kabuki face brush to apply the HDLP.  I lightly dust the powder on  my cheeks and eyelids, and buff the formula into my T-zone. A little bit of the product goes a long way; don’t over apply the HDLP. I use the puff  as a "lid" to keep the powder from spilling out when I'm not using it.

Final words: People with sensitive skin should be cautious of using HDLP since silicon may irritate the skin. People with dry skin be sure to moisturize well before using this product.  I recommend this product to people who have normal to oily skin. 

Overall grade: A-

Review of E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio Complexion Perfection

E.L.F. Cosmetics: Studio Complexion Perfection

This is one of my favourite ELF products because it is super affordable ($3.00 USD). I also like the case; it is sleek, durable, and sophisticated.  :P

My Evaluation: Complexion Perfection (CP) is a translucent lightweight powder that is easy to apply, and it is matifying and it absorbs excess oils. Sometimes I like to wear the product alone, and other times I use it over my foundation.

Some people have complained that CP "washes" them out or that it looks like they are wearing a white mask... Luckily I don't share those kinds of experience. I find that the versatile product has a natural feel and look on my skin. CP evens out my skin's imperfections (i.e. redness from my acne scars), neutralises other facial discolouration (like dark circles under my eyes), and brightens my face.

How-to-use: I take my kabuki brush and swirl it around the four colors then gently sweep it across my face. If I have redness on my checks, I load my powder brush with the green formula and apply it to that problematic area. I find that the pink formula can serve as a subtle blush.

Final words: I think this product will work well for people with normal to oily skin. People with dry skin may experience flakiness with this product; be sure to moisturize well before use. I recommend CP because it doesn't clog pores, and it gentle on the skin.

Overall grade: B+