Monday, February 21, 2011

My Bachelorette Pad - Dream Kitchen

 This or....
this! Irregardless of the cabinet color, I would love to have a kitchen with an island.

I am so happy to announce that I'll be able to move out and live by myself by May of 2012! Yayyyy! I've been saving like a squirrel, investing wisely, and working multiple jobs to keep my student loans down.

So I've been looking and planning for my new home. I think one of the most important rooms to have nicely decorated and furnished is the kitchen, because I'll be entertaining guests there. I've already picked out several key pieces of kitchen furniture and my all time favourite piece are adjustable bar stools.

I would love to have four or five of these modern black chic bar stools in my kitchen. Not only would these classic stools look fantastic but they are excellent for my guests as well.

Ohhhh, so sleek and shiney...Soon I'll be able to have you!


Aimi said...

Ohhhlala! That's a beautiful dream kitchen! I can't wait until I move out! Freeeeeeeeeedomz.

Dakota said...

Yeah me too! I love bar stools too! That one in particular is fine mmmmm-mmmm. =) Can't wait until I'm living alone too! I like some privacy....roommates *sigh*

Gigi said...

Sweet chair!

Cam said...

Ohhhh, post pictures of your new place when you move out. ;)

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