Monday, February 7, 2011

LUSH Enzymion Moisturizer Review

 *The Claims for Enzymion Moisturizer *

Balances oil production.

Enzymion goes straight for those oils and makes them disappear. Helen's amazing formula of cleansing papaya, blended with soothing aloe vera, absorbs oils naturally. Our inventors worked hard to get the right amount of papaya and lemon on the skin, and this moisturizer is the fruit of their labour. Its name pays homage to a classical poem by John Keats.

Gives skin a matte finish.

An infusion of brightening fresh lemons and sweet grapefruit and lime oils refreshes and tones your face. Then, we whisk in the organic butters to moisturize and soften your skin.


Lemon refreshes and brightens.
*My Experience with the Moisturizer:*
  • Price: Original size - 45g for $36.95 CAD;  Sample size: $5
  • Effectiveness: I used this product when I was suffering from cystic acne and was in the early phase of taking Accutane.  It's a light but hydrating moisturizer which I still use and only in the morning. Enzymion Moisturizer helps brighten my skin and even out my complexion. The product helps me regulate shine and greese! My skin is calmer in that I'm breaking out less.
  • Scent: Refreshing citrus 
  • Cons: It's a bit pricey and no SPF protection.
  • Bottom line: Recommended for individuals who have combination skin and oily skin. Enzymion Moisturizer is waaaay better than any drug store moisturizer. You won't regret trying this product.
  • Grade: 7.8/10


Aimi said...

Hmmmm, I should check this cream out. I think it will be good for me during hot summer months! Thanks; great review!

Dakota said...

I will try the sample size before comitting to teh whole tub. Thanks for sharing!

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