Sunday, February 20, 2011

LUSH Happy Blooming Bath Melt Review

*The Claims for Happy Blooming Bath Melt*

Blooming soothing cherry melt.

Heaps of calamine powder.

Inventing Happy Blooming took a careful eye for perfection. Helen, inventor of the bath melt, tinkered with the formula for months. She wanted to create a smooth feeling on the skin, like a dry oil, so she used 50% calamine powder to create just the right effect on the skin.

Cherry chops.

The happy, mouth-watering, fruity fragrance is down to Simon's 'Cherry Chops', named in honour of beautiful cherry blossoms. You get three baths out of each one ? just snap off one segment per soak and its blend of calamine, ylang and cocoa butter will leave your skin silky and non-greasy. We think it's blooming marvelous, and we're sure you will too.

Passion flower seed oil

Passion flower oil forms part of that sweet scent and encourages a sense of happiness and calm.

Calamine powder

Powdered calamine soothes and creates a smooth feeling on the skin.
 *My Experience with the Bath Melt:*
  •  Price: $6.95 for 60g
  • Effectiveness: I break the decadent bath melt into 3 chunks - it breaks into perfect pieces easily.  The rich melt gives off a wonderfully relaxing creamy pink hue and makes my skin smell amazing. The product leaves me with ultra smooth and soft skin  all over without causing chest and back break outs.
  • How to use:  I held the product directly under the running tap for a bit before the Happy Blooming Bath melt disolved. 
  • Scent: Cherry candy
  • Cons:It's pricey!
  • Bottom line: A must have!
  • *Grade: 9.2/10


Aimi said...

My fave. too! I wish it was only $3 a piece then it would be a steal of a deal.

Dakota said...

I went to a LUSH party and the staff gave me a foot bath and massage. I tried the happy blooming and I love it! I frequently go to lush just to get this product. You have great taste

Gigi said...

Ohhh, pretty. I will check this out and give myself a good pampering

Cam said...

Great review. I heart LUSH too! But can't afford their yet. I always ask for samplers. I will one day be a regular customer...but for now...samples....

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