Sunday, January 17, 2010

LUSH Cosmetics: Vanilla Dee-lite (Body Lotion)

Photo 1: My bottle of Vanilla Dee-lite

1.) Likes/Pros:
-Pleasant smelling (exotic, scrumptious, sweet, creamy vanilla scent)
-Scent lasts all day
-An extra light but moisturizing and hydrating lotion
-Fast absorbing
-Non-greasy, non-oily, non-sticky
-Improves skin texture and appearance
-Skin appears brighter
-No sheen
-Travel size
-Flip-top lid
-Great for people with normal or oily skin

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Product has a very thin consistency
-People with dry skin need a heavier moisturizer

Overall Grade: A
Final thoughts: I'm a big fan of this product .I always have this product in stock and use it as a hand lotion. I would recommend you to try it out.


Elaine M said...

I think the product is a bit runny....IMO I would not purchase it again.

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