Sunday, January 10, 2010

7-11 Speakout Wireless Pay it Forward Promo: Free $10 Airtime Referral Code

1.) This applies to new Speakout cell phone activation; within two weeks of activating the phone. 

2.) Purchase a minimum of $25 voucher and apply it to the account. 

3.) Call 1-866-310-1023 or 611 from your cell and tell the customer service you want to apply a referral code to your account. Please send me an email at bioscisweetie[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the at with @ and the dot with a period) for 7/11 referral codes.

4.) Once the code is applied you will receive $10 calling credit and I will also receive $10 calling credit. :) 

Thanks in advance for the calling credit. Cheers! :)


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