Saturday, January 16, 2010

LUSH Cosmetics: Lush Toner Tabs (Vitamin C & E)

Photo 1: LUSH Cosmetics; a Vitamin C toner tab

Photo 2: LUSH Cosmetics; a Vitamin E toner tab

Photo 3: Dissolving a Vitamin C toner tab in a bowl of hot water

I didn't find a significant difference between the Vitamin C and Vitamin E toners therefore the rest of the review I will not address them separately.

1.) Likes/Pros:

a.) After-use
-Face feels soft, moisturised and hydrated
-Soothes redness and blotchiness
-Smooth and glowing skin
-Shrinks enlarged pores
-Eliminates dryness and dullness

b.) The Experience
-Light flora scent
-Food for the soul ;)

c.) Evaluations 
-Safe for daily use
-Gentle on sensitive skin

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
-Average value ($1.50 per tab)
-Leaves a saltly after-taste in my mouth (I know what you are thinking; trust me, I'm not licking or drinking the product)

3.) Creative Uses:
If you are frugal, like me, there are multiple ways to stretch the use of this product! I usually dissolve a toner tab in a tin bowl of warm water. After steaming my face I can pour the water away or I can...

a.) Let the water cool and pour it into a spritz bottle. Then store the toner in the fridge and use it as a regular toner. The toner lasts for about a week.

b.) Soak your hands, elbows or feet in the water. Then pour away the water.

c.) Soak a cloth in the water and then rub your face with the cloth. This will exfoliate your skin.

I would love to hear from you. Email me at bioscisweetie[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment below telling me how you use toner tabs!  :)

4.) Storage
I store my toner tabs in a zip lock bag because it will preserve the freshness of the product. I also place it in my closet since it is a dry and dark place. This is will prevent the product from prematurely expiring.

Overall grade: A-
Final Notes: I would repurchase this product in the future.

Thanks for reading!


Kelly said...

Oooooh, more purdy pics. XD Hehehe, nice angles. The Vit. e tablet looks like ecstasy. :S

Anonymous said...

LOL, they looks like illegal drugs.

Dakota said...

I hear these toner wayyyy more than the water/alcohol base ones!

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