Saturday, January 16, 2010

LUSH Cosmetics: Karma Bubble Bar

Photo 1: A packaged Karma Bubble Bar

Photo 2: Unwrapped, close-up of a Karma Bubble Bar.

1.) Likes/Pros (I absolutely love this Bubble Bar! Let me count the ways):
-High quality product
-Heavily scented but not overpowering
-Smells natural and sweet; an exotic fruity-citrus aroma
-Scent lingers on skin
-Easy to crumble and cut
-Bath water becomes rich and creamy
-The water turns a light apricot color, but does not stain bath tub or skin (Thank goodness!)
-Skin is super silky and touchable
-Skin feels soft and moisturized but not greasy
-Produces a great amount of luxurious bubbles and they are long-lasting
-Refreshing experience
-Stress, muscle aches and body tensions melt away

2.) Dislikes/Cons:
 I wish I had more disposable income to purchase this product regularly.

Overall grade: A- 
Final thoughts: I would definitely repurchase this product and highly urge others to try this product.

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I love creeping around your blog...and viewing your photos!

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