Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mr. Chubs

This entry is a bit different from my other posts. This weekend I was taking random photos and happened to shoot a few pictures of my ancient pet fish, Mr. Chubs. 

I'm really eager to show my readers Mr. Chubs. He's over nine years old! I got him and a bunch of other fish when I was in 7th grade. Unfortunately my other fish have died, and now he's the only one left. He's a bit lonely. =(

*Yeah, I noticed that Mr. Chubs is missing a few scales

*No, I haven't been overfeeding him. I think he's really sick. His belly is very swollen. =(

Readers I'm curious as to what kind of pets do you have? And what are their names? 


Aimi said...

Holy smokes...your fish is fat, but very cute.

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