Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ultimate Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Review

Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel from left to right: (1) Radient Apricot, (2) Oceania, (3) Lavender Kiss, (4) Alluring Avocado, and (5) Vanilla Dream.

My Expereince

There isn't much difference between the five shave gels except the scents.  They are all pretty pleasnt scents but my personal favorite would be Vanilla Dream.

Pros: I acheive a really close shave Wwith these shaving gels, and a Venus (Embrace) Razor. These gels helps my razor glide effortlessly and smoothly over my legs, and as a result I avoid razor burns, nicks and bumps.  

I bought these gels when they were on sale for $2 at Shopper's Drug Mart (SDM).  Yeah I'm a bargain-hunter. Anyways, I like how a little pump of the gel goes a long way. The product comes out in a gel form and then lathers into a light fluffly cream. 

Cons: The shaving gel doesn't moisturize well and it leave my skin dry, itchy and irritated. I've stopped using the gels and started using Olay body wash as my shaving medium, which I don't regret. The body wash is hydrating and leaves my skin soft and silky. 

Bottom line: I would only recommend this product for people who have normal to oily skin. People who have senstive skin and/or dry skin should check out their Senstive Shave Gel formula i.e. the ones who blue/green caps.


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