Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Treasures Recovered!

*I was doing a bit of house cleaning and found my Anthropologie bag filled with my summer hats!

 *I thought this label is hilarious!

 *Brand spanking new
 *Speaking of Puma...I lost my brown Puma shoes. I have searched everywhere in my house and can't find them. I think I lost them...(probably left them behind at a house party?). I don't know how I managed to lose shoes. Anyways, the search continues...

*HA! Not everything is made in China. This is made in Korea!

 * Pretty embroidery


Maylin said...

Oh man! Old school hats!

M. said...

That reminds me to clean out my closet and basement. Imma gonna find a lot of outdated stuff. :S

Jenny said...

Haha, like you I found lots of goodies when I cleaned my room - cash, and candies.

Gigi said...

I'll do my cleaning in spring...oh god I don't look forward to that!

Margaret said...

I need to find my old books and donate them to the kids I work with at Bridge. So much to do and so little time!

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