Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Joy of Soap: Peppermint Passion Review

The Joy of Soap specializes in making all natural, handmade soap from certified organic ingredients. This is the large 5 0z kind! I had to cut the soap into 3 pieces.

-A delightful yummy and minty scent
-A mixture of spicy/hot peppermint and spearmint
-A gentle product that does not dry skin out
-Clean and fresh feeling after use
-A luxurious wash with fluffy bubbles

-No cool, and tingly sensation after application of the soap :(


Aimi said...

Ohhhhhh! Seems like a better buy than LUSH soap.

Maylin said...

That's a big piece of soap!

M. said...

I like the packaging of the soap. It's very elegant

Jenny said...

Like you I heart anything peppermint. =)

Gigi said...

Hmmm, seems like their webpage is down...? Anyways I make really good organic soap. We should do it together!

Margaret said...

@ Gigi: Perhaps, this is an old entry that I never got around to publishing....

@ Aimi: Yes, this is a much better buy than LUSH.

Chelsy said...

It's so hard to find nicely crafted handmade soap and this sounds like one of a kind soap. Sadly the site for Joy of Soap seems no longer valid. =(

Rose said...

I <3 your short and sweet review!

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