Saturday, January 22, 2011

Collision of Ink, Paper and Glue: Card Art

I made this card in ten minutes.

 * The supplies
 *The base
 *Second layer
 * Final product
 *The inside
*The envelope


Maylin said...

Very pretty!

M. said...

Love it! Can you make cards for me? ^____^

Jenny said...

Nice to see your creative juices flowing!

Margaret said...

Thanks e/o!

Haha, sure M. - just let me know in advance!

Chelsy said...

Very cute! I like how you balance makeup reviews with touches of your personal life. Keep it up!

Rose said...

Thoughtful! I ususally buy my parts from the dollar store. 5 cards for $1!!

Gigi said...

Soooo cute! ^^

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