Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Things Good - An Update

It's hard to believe it has been two weeks since I have updated my blog. I have been incredibly busy (as per usual). After April I will slooooow down and stop spreading myself so thin. The past two weeks I have just been working my gazillion jobs (okay, it's more like two but it feels like a gazillon) and going to school.

1. My Freebies!

2. Edible Stuff
 *One of my favorite de-stressors - eating frozen yogurt

*Raw oysters!


*Sweet cakes and desserts from Vancouver



3. Study Material
 * Self made binder label for my course "Practice with Individuals"; my stick person is wearing a cape

 * Self made binder label for my course "Practice with Families"; my nuclear family

 * I am taking five courses this semester. Thank goodness I only need four textbooks! The total for the four texts was $478.22! All the books were bought new from the University of Calgary Bookstore...there was no used texts. =(

* My notes for "Practice with Families"

4. Goodies and Gifts

 * Key chain from Jen. A
 * Tickets to see Brian Eno: An Illustrated Talk (went with Dad and Karen). I was disappointed with talk because he did not bring sample music to play to us, and the few illustrations he showed were mediocre and generic. I felt the talk was a bit scattered because he didn't have a central topic to discuss. He talked about the history, revolution, function, and appreciation of art and music composition, but he also went down "rabbit trails" during his performance with stories. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching Eno, he is inspirational, as well as a witty and engaging presenter.

 * Chapstick basket

* PUA (Pick-up Artists) I have a lot to say about this population...I'll save it for next time

 * Gap dress pants!

5. CPR and First Aid
* I'm certified!


Aimi said...

Sloooow down busy girl! I sound like a broken record telling you that, hehe. Anyways, be well! And I *heart* your photos.

Maylin said...

Lol, I love your doodles on the binder. Haha, you are quite the artist ;)

M. said...

Oh wow! You have been up to a lot of things. Take it easy adn don't burn yourself out...

Jenny said...

I love how your photos tell a story! Cuteness!

Gigi said...

Pretty pixs! Hehe, and not to sound like a broken record take care of yourself and be well!

Margaret said...

Yes, yes, I will take good care of myself. I promise never again will I spread myself so thin.

Chelsy said...

Very nice photos!!!

Rose said...

I stumbled upon your blog and love the mixture of entires- reviews to personal lifestyle. Keep up the great work.

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