Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Hydra-Total 5 Ultra-Fresh Ritual

A heart felt thank you to Influenster for sending me the Hydra-Total 5 Ultra-Fresh package to test out. I am in LOVE with the micellar water! I use it in the morning as a toner and in the evening to remove my makeup (lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, mascara, and blush). The micellar water is gentle enough to use twice a day. I find some products strips my skin of it's natural oils but this does not; it works with my skin's natural barriers and fauna. A joy and pleasure to use! The micellar water does not leave my skin feeling greasy or waxy like some micellar products out there. In the evening I also use the cleanser with my mia to make sure all the makeup and any build up is removed from my face. My skins feels supple and soft after the cleanser. Then I follow-up with the night cream to seal in the moisture and keep my skin hydrated and smooth. I'm very impressed with L'Oreal's Hydra line - gentle, hydrating, and works well with my finicky sensitive and combination skin. Check them out! :) #5Works, #BeyondHydration


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