Monday, January 2, 2017

First Impressions on Sole Patches [Review]

I love pampering my feet and the holidays compounds to extra tired feet with the standing, dancing and walking around stores. Even though I'm a tall woman at 5'8" I also love my high heels but not the aftermath of wearing 'em heels all day long! So, a huge and heartfelt thank you to BrandBacker and Sole Patches for sending me some high heel cushions to test out over the holidays.

Staying Power 
Hear me out, these are not just any basic high heel cushions I have come across. These flower petal cushions, as cute as they are, can also be adhered to your pressure areas of your feet or in your shoes. I think this is very unique! I haven't come across shoe cushions that can be adhered to your feet. So that's what I did. I adhered the flower cushions to the balls of the feet and they surprisingly stayed on for the full day from 9am to 11pm. I know this is probably TMI but I have very sweaty feet - that after 8 hours of wearing socks they are pretty damp - yes, TMI. Anyhoo, the flower cushions slipped minimally but for the most part they stayed in the same area. I also adhered the flower cushion on my beloved heels too and the cushion did not slip and slide - it has been very securely staying in it's spot.

Comfort Level 
At first using the cushion, it feels soft and bouncy and over time I didn't even notice that it was there. Surprisingly the glue did not irritate my skin - I have sensitive skin and sometimes having other adhesive patches on my skin makes it red and itchy. At the end of the day I just dispose the used patches, which didn't leave a sticky film behind on the soles of my feet - that would have been irritating. You all know what I'm talking about. I found the cushions has helped with reducing the tiredness of my feet but it did not completely eliminate the soreness. My only two critiques for the sole patches are: another shape than a flower and more "breathe-able". The shape is cute but is it practical? I'm all about being practical and the flower shape makes me wonder what are the missed foot coverage areas. Second, I wish the cushions were more "breathe-able". When I removed the heel cushions I felt like I have worn a band-aid for too long or haven worn a pair of latex rubber gloves for too long.

Final Thoughts Even though I was sent these sole patches to try the opinions I express here are mine. I would definitely have another box or two of the Sole Patches for new high heels where I know it takes some time to break them in or just for certain hard to wear heels to reduce tired feet.


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