Monday, August 8, 2011

Something Borrowed [Movie] Critique

I'm trying something new!  I've recently been inspired to review movies and not simply limit myself to cosmetics and other beauty items. 

I'm shamelessly admitting that I love chick flicks.  Something Borrowed (2011)  directed by Luke Greenfield is a cutesy film.  I can somewhat relate to the charter Rachel in that I can be shy in telling a guy I like him romantically. I've learnt to overcome that shyness because it doesn't get me anywhere in life and I've also grown a pair of ovaries.  Anyways, I also understand that sometimes miscommunication and misunderstandings can happen, like in the case of Rachel and Dex.  

However, I was highly irritated by about the middle of the movie with the back and forth non-sense between Rachel and Dex of "I love you, but I can't be with you" junk.  One of my major pet peeves in life is people who are indecisive. Don't get me wrong now. Its okay to take time to think about something, but don't let a important decision drag on and on and on. You get my point. 

Of course at the end of the film Dex and Rachel end up together. I am not bitter or a cynic, but I think this sort of circular relationships rarely happen in real life.  Bottom line: it's a cute romantic film worth watching just to pass the time.


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