Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau [Movie] Critique

The Adjustment Bureau (2001) directed by George Nolfi is a romantic thriller.  Even though the title of the film puts me to sleep, the film delivers.  I think it's scary, yet cool that the men in spiffy hats have the power, resources, energy and time to adjust our fates.  I like the character David Norris and his determination to meet and stay with Elise.  I found that quite endearing. 
However, I felt like the movie flipped me off at the end.  During the whole movie men in hats were doing everything they could to separate David and Elise, and even explained to David they both would not be able to reach their fullest potentials in life if they stayed together.  Okay, I don't know about anyone else...but right now I would choose many things over a romantic relationship.  Maybe my decision is based on my age right now.  Anyways, near the end of the film Harry Mitchell tells the couple that their fates have been rewritten by the Chairman and they could be together.  I feel like the movie played me a little, strung me along, and jerked me around.  Overall, I like the film and would recommend my readers to check it out.


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