Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Is Madness!

Photo 1.  Nova Scotia candy from Meagan K.

My good buddy, Justin, and I had an entertaining dialogue today about scheduling madness...I was telling him about my good ol' block week course that will kick off my lovely Fall semester in the Social Work program. Instead of me blabbing about it, here's our dialogue:

* Justin: 13 week course condensed into in 1 week?
* Me: Essentially.
* Justin: Who came up with that idea?
* Me: The people upstairs.
* Justin: That means you need to take at least 2 quizzes a day, the reading-week will essentially become reading hour, midterm after the 3rd day, and final exam on the 7th day, and margarita party on the 8th day?
* Justin: Geesh, and I thought New Yorkers live a fast life.
* Me: Welcome to my life.

Here's a snapshot of my "big" schedule for these coming months.

Photo 2. Sept. to Oct. planner

Photo 3. Oct. to Nov.

Photo 4. Nov. to Dec.

Aside from my complaints, I have exciting news for you guys! Oooooh, I'm so happy to announce that my friend, Laura C., and I will be partnering up with Matchstick for their Revolutionary Reds Challenge by Loreal Professionnel. It is a hair transformation program, and we have a chance to be featured in Elle Canada Magazine! This is to celebrate the launch of new INOA red shades. Get ready for The Revolutionary Reds Challenge!

 Photo 5. Thanks Sumaya from Matchstick for sending me the swatches of INOA red shades

  Photo 6. Under poor lighting; I wasn't able to capture the dynamic red shades =(


Aimi said...

Ooooo! Good luck on your ethics course!

Also, I love how you're rocking those Telus stickers. ;)

Aimi said...

Oh, I forgot to say, congrats on your upcoming Matchstick campaign. I can't wait to read about the transformation process and see the finished look. =)

Maylin said...

GL on your course! You will make it through! Just add oil ;)

Gigi said...

this post just confirms that you are a workaholic. You have no balance between school, work, friends and family. :P

Sally M. said...

wow, good luck on your block wk course. Not that you need it. I look forward to reading about The Revolutionary Reds Challenge! :D

M said...

I'm stalking you now! XP Dun...dun...dun, HAHA

Jenny said...

Hey Margaret! Hehe, I'm such a creeper... At least you can look forward to Nov./Dec. looks like you aren't too busy then. You'll get a nice break! :D

Jenny said...

Oh! And congrats on entering into The Revolutionary Reds Challenge! I look forward to seeing the pixs and reading the transformation process. =D

Bev said...

wow, i admire your guts to post ur schedule on the internet! I love that ur an open book!

Mike said...

My stakler sense are tingling! *heavy breathing* heheheheh <3

Kimmy said...

Ohhhh, pretty! You updated this post. I like the shades of red. they are are nice. :)

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