Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Celbration at Sushi Tokyo

Thanks to my pseudo-mommy (Jen. A.) and pseudo-mom (Laura C.) for taking me out to Sushi Tokyo.

Here are some of the items we ordered...

* Japanese salad and miso soup

* Stir fry noodles

* Spring rolls

* Deep fried chicken

*Fried tofu

*Fried vegetables and salmon

* Deep fried potato cake

* California rolls!

* More California rolls!

* Close-up of a California roll

* Egg drop soup

* Japanese salad

* Salmon sushi

* Sesame seaweed salad

* Fried dumplings

* Deep fried squid legs


Maylin said...

Mmmmmm, you're such a tease. That looks really tasty!

Aimi said...

Oh wow! everything looks delish! Nomnom. =)

Sally M. said...

Nice photos! They make me super hungry. :P You owe me dinner.

Gigi said...

Wow that is a lot of food! Mmmm, looks really good...*drool*

M said...

mmmmmmm, so much deep fried foods....!

M said...

Oh YUMMERS! We gotta go there! It will be on me :D

Jenny said...

MOAR! Food photos!!!!

Bev said...

the food looks great! I will certainly have to check out Sushi Tokyo. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Bev said...

Oh and happy belated birthday!

Mike said...

Haha, girl are you gonna write a review of the food? or what?! You're such a tease. ;)

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