Monday, August 16, 2010

Review E.L.F. Cosmetics: Mineral Blush in Rose

Photo 1. Front of the box

Photo 2. Back of the box
Photo 3. Front of the compact

* Costs $5.00 USD
* Highly pigmented
* Loose lightweight powder
* Goes on smoothly
* Acheive a natural, healthy, glowly look
* Easy to remove
* Lasts for at least eight hours
* Product appears darker in real life than in the photos on E.L.F.

Bottom Line: Buy the blush when there's a 50% discount code otherwise I'd stick to their Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.

Final Grade: B-


Maylin said...

Short, simple and to the point! I <3 this review. :)

Aimi said...

Finally! It's taken you forever to come out with a review! :P I misses yous. ;)

Sally M. said...

Ooooh, that's really bright! Haha, just don't have the over done blush look. :P

Sam said...

Haha, you have a lot of makeup! ;) You're a junkie!

Lacy said...

Wow, that is bright! You should have bought a mellow-er color first!

Gigi said...

nice review! I was skeptical about ELF's stuff, now I'll give it a try =)

Margaret said...

Thanks again for the compliments.

I will try my best to write more reviews, if time permits. :P

@Gigi: I'm glad that my review persuaded you to give E.L.F. cosmetics a try. Have fun. =)

Bev said...

That's really bright pink!

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