Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank You Maybelline, Matchstick, and My Friends

Photo 1. My Maybelline EyeStudio kit from Maybelline and Matchstick

Photo 2. Alternative angle of Maybelline EyeStudio products

Photo 3. Close-up of the gel eyeliners

Thank You!

Thank you Maybelline, Matchstick, and you (my readers) for your support during the Daretoinspire.ca contest. This is a very exciting time as we wait with great anticipation for the announcement of the winner. :)

Over these past these past few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed Maybelline New York EyeStudio products; I love writing mini tutorials and reviews, using the make-up as well as giving them away. Even though the contest has ended I have been inspired to continue to spread the word about their wonderful make-up products.  Please visit my blog in the future for more reviews and mini-tutorials.

Summary of Reviews 

I have fallen head over heals for the the Plush collection. There is a variety of colors in the collection; I promise that you won't be disappointed with the vast color selections. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, and the formula have a soft velvety texture. Maybelline's EyeStudio eyeshadows (i.e the Plush palettes and Color Pearls) are ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers, and each palette weighs 2.5g or 0.09OZ.

The shimmery iridescent hues are perfect to wear for any occasion. These black palettes are sleek, and portable.

The eyeliners and mascaras are long-lasting; activity, heat, and humidity resistant. The gel eyeliners glide on my lids, and the brush allows for accurate application of the formulas. The mascaras require a two step application. The first formula coats the lashes with a base. The brush grabs every single lash, yes even the baby lashes. The second formula curls, lengthens, volumizes, and bolds the lashes.

Sky Blue Reign is a fun night look I created for a night out at the clubs.

Photo 4. The products used; Sapphire Siren (#20) palette, 24HRS Bold mascara, Blackest black gel eyeliner

Photo 5. Close-up of the Sapphire Siren (#20) palette

Photo 6. Swatches of Sapphire Siren

Photo 7. The completed look.

 A.) Eyeshadows: Sapphire Siren (#20)
1.) Highlight and Brighten –  apply the lightest shade on the brow bones, inner corner of eyes, and lower lash line to make the eyes pop. 
2.) Accentuate – glide the second shade across the entire eye lid and lower lashes but do not hide the highlight hue. Then feather this blue color upwards towards the brow bone. 
3.) Intensify– add the third hue around the ball of the eye; emphasizing on the hollow of the eyes and the outer corner. Lastly, blend this dark color with the light blue and sweep outwards.

1.)  Define and contour – line the entire top and bottom waterline.
1.) Lengthen  – curl your lashes then apply formula #1 followed by #2 for bold and beautiful lashes.

Your Feedback is Needed 

Photo 8: The Redwood logo

Matchstick, and Maybelline are interested in your feedback and opinions! If you haven't completed this survey, please do so. You can voice your thoughts by completing a short two minute survey: 
For every completed survey Matchstick will make a $2.00 donation to The Redwood. The Redwood is a family support shelter that offers assistance to those less fortunate.

Thanks for reading!


Gia said...

:) You're so cute.

Mary said...

Love the summary review =)

Jenny said...

Can you do reviews for each palette? And the mascaras? And eyeliners? Like do it the old fashion way? TIA.

Sara said...

I was doing the survey and it seems to have been completed before. :(

Sarah said...

Oh wowziers that is a lot of makeup! Also you look so cute in that photo. =)

Samantha said...

If I was younger I would have purchased the blue hues. =) The colors look great on you. :)

Bev said...

Pretty! Sorry, i missed out on the voting period. You can count on my vote next time! =)

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