Saturday, May 29, 2010

Product Review on LUSH Cosmetics: Mask of Magnaminty

Hi, my name is Margaret and I'm a mint addict. I have always been a mint addict; I love the tingly feeling it gives, as well as the smell, and taste. Obviously I didn't eat the Mask of Magnaminty but I know of a CSR who did. The CSR told me she had tasted the Mask of Magnaminity; her verdict on the mask was: good to zap pimples with but too chalky to consume.

Size, Price, Self- Life and Application Routine
I bought big pot at 315g for ~$20. The mask has a self-life of four months, which is long compared to the fresh face masks. Personally, I should have purchased the smaller tub because I still have a quarter of the product left and it's expired. :( Maybe I'll use the remaining product as a foot mask.

I have combination skin and I used the mask at least once a week and sometimes every other night to scrub dead skin cells off and shrink enlarged pores. The once-a-week application and the every-other-night regime doesn't dry out my skin. My suggestion is to avoid using the mask everyday; trust me I tried this sort of application and it left my skin feeling dry and raw.

The Tingly and Refreshing Experience
When I want to de-stress from an uber long first instinct is to grab my mint mask from the fridge and my Zune. I first wash my face then slaughter the goop on; I gently apply the product in small circular motions. The texture of the mask is goopey with bits of chunky aduki bean granules in it; perfect for taking off dead skin. I suggest hovering over the sink or bathtub when applying the mask and when the mask begins to dry. The mask flakes off as it dries and the house can get messy... (Sorry mom!)

I like this mask because I can feel it working; the cool tingly sensation lifts dirt and grime out of my skin. Also the mask dries out pimples, reduces redness and oil, erases blackheads, prevents acne from erupting, and balances my skin's equilibrium. The scent is delightful; smells like vanllia and mint-chocolate chip. Yummy!

I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes or until the mask hardens. To take the mask off, I moisten the Magnaminty Mask by splashing cold water on my face then gently rub the mask off. The mask revives my skin; leaving it bright, clean, smooth and soft.

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Dan said...

Gimme the rest! I'll put it to good use :)

Sarah said...

I ❤ LUSH. One of my fave. products. It is clarifying and the big tub lasts forever. IMHO, it is a hot deal.

Fiona said...

I love this mask - it degunks the skin like nothing else. I use it on my face, chest, and back.

Samantha said...

I like this face mask better than the fresh ones! It has a longer self-life and workers better.

Bev said...

oooooh, pricey. I make my own mask - honey and organic brown sugar. It works really well at zapping acne. Margaret, try it out once you have the chance! I swear by it. :)

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