Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review of Dove Cream Oil Body Washes



Dove's (Supreme) Cream Oil beauty body washes in 295mL retails about $2.99 CAD. FYI: Dove allocates a portion of its revenue towards the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.


-Lasts for approximately a month with daily use, once a day
-Design of the bottles: visually appealing, distinguishable, and easy hold
-Recommended for winter use for normal to combination skin
-Great for all year round use for people who suffer from dry skin
-Fair amount of foam produced with a toonie size amount
-Very easy to apply to loofah, and work up a lather
-I recommend to use before bedtime


-Lid traps shower water
-A tad messy to use
-Direction of lid, leads to product leaking
-Flap sometimes interferes with application of body wash on to the loofah


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Cream Oils:
Delicate - Jasmine and Vanilla Scent
Creamy - Cherry Blossom and Almond Scent

-Gentle and moisturizing body cleansers
-Extra creamy and thick product, but non-greasy and non-oily
-Rich, lingering, and long-lasting natural scents
-Products soothes dry, flakey and irritated skin
-Maintains skins natural oil balance
-Leaves skin smooth, soft, and hydrated
-Leaves you feeling fresh, clean, relaxed and calm
-Delicate: Product is white-tan
-Creamy: Body wash is light-pink


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Supreme Cream Oils:
Sleek Satin - With sleek smoothing oil
Ultra Rich Velvet - With lush softening oil

-Very similiar to Cream oils (featured above)
-Packed with nutritious oils
-Extra conditioning for skin
-Delicately soothes and repairs winter and/or medication damaged skin
-Gives skin an instant and extra boost of hydration
-Goes on skin smoothly
-Leaves you relaxed and at peace
-Sleek Satin: Body wash is light purple
-Ultra Rich Velvet: Product is white in color

Overall grade for all four cream oil body washes: A
-I would repurchase all four types body washes
-These are must-have products to have in the house


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