Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review of 3 Dove GoFresh Products

Dove's GoFresh beauty body washes in 354mL retails about $2.99 CAD.

FYI: Dove allocates a portion of its revenue towards the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.

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-Lasts for approximately 1 month with daily use, for twice a day
-Design of the bottles: visually appealing, distinguishable, and easy to grasp and hold
-Simple and convenient flip-lid, making it is easy to to access the body wash
-Fair amount of foam produced with a toonie size amount
-Very easy to apply to loofah, and work up a lather

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Energize: Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent

-Emotion: "WHOA!"
-Invigorating orange coloured beads that gently scrubs away dead skin, which promotes good circulation and smooth skin
-Safe to use everyday and for twice a day for oily to normal skin types
-For sensitive skin, I recommend, using it once, every other day
-Great product to use during hot summer days
- After showering with product one feels squeaky clean, highly refreshed, and energized
-Light scent of lemongrass and a hint of grapefruit
-A scent that lightly lingers on skin throughout the day
-Clear-white in color with orange beads, and white micro beads

-The consistency is like tomato soup; in my opinion the consistency should be thicker

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Cool Moisture: Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

-Emotion: "mmmmmm..."
-Luxurious forumula: rich, creamy, and thick
-Safe to use everyday for all skin types (i.e. sensitive/dry, normal/combination, oily)
-Great product to use all year round, but especially in the Fall and Spring
-Does not dry skin out or leach skin of its natural oils
-Feeling clean, and lightly moisturized after use
-Very light, lingering crisp cucumber scent
-Very light green product

-I can't really distinguish the green tea fragrance in the bodywash. :( I wish it was a stronger smell.

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Refresh: Waterlily & Fresh Mint Scent

-Characteristics very similiar to the former body wash (Cool Moisture)
-Leaves skin tingy, cool, and fresh
-Soft minty scent with floral fragrance
-Light blue in color

Overall grade for all three kinds body washes: A
-I would repurchase all three body washes
-Also, I highly recommend trying these products. You won't be disappointed. :)


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