Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Matchstick: CKfree For Men Feedback

Thank you Matchstick for sending me 12 vials of CKfree for Men. They smell sooooooo good. :)

Photo 1.: The outside package of Ckfree For Men.

Photo 2.: The inside packaging of CKfree.

Check out the commercial! :)

The samples I gave them out to my friends and family. I choose to post 8 of the 12 comments, and this is what they have to say...

#1 Eric (an economics student) said: "CKfree is a masculine, warm, and classy scent. I like it!"

#2 Shawn (a political sci. student) vocalized: "Mmmmm, this smells good. It's high-end stuff. The tones are very complimentary."

#3 Jeff (a geography student) warmly stated: "This is good for causal everyday wear."

#4 Liam (a chemistry student) replied: "Its pleasant. It fresh and clean-cut."

#5 Dan (an environmental sci. student) said: "Ckfree is subtle yet noticeable...it's not overpowering."

#6 Kevin (a comp. sci. student) gave two big thumbs up, and a huge grin after trying the fragrance. :) Hehe, actions do speak louder than words.

#7 Sam (an open studies student) replied: "I smell amazing! The scent is kinda spicy has a bite to it."

#8 Mark (an urban studies student) said: "It's a very original, classy, and inviting aroma. I love it!"

In summary, my all friends and family were very happy with CK's new fragrance.

Thanks for reading!


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