Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello Readers,

Happy October! Yeah, I know I'm the world's worst blogger "evar" because I don't blog regularly. My excuse is that life is meant to be lived off the internet. Anyways, here's a recap of some of the stuff I've been up to!
  • Week "1": I went to school, work, and GlobalFest. I earned an A in my Human Sexuality class, and an A+ in Grief and Loss. Yay! I'll post GlobalFest photos soon!

  • Week "2": I worked 46 hours that week and it was hard on my personal life, as well as gym routine.   
  • Week "3": A lot of things happened this week (X2), but I will only focus on the positive events.   
  • I attended the annual Pride Parade with the Social Work Student Association (SWSA), and it was super awesome. 
*My social work lovelies and their families. I'm in pink. 

  • At the Pride Parade I met Mayor Nenish, and we made it on to Reddit. (Thanks Ryan for notifying me!) Click on those links to check me out! 
*This is the last photo of my long hair.  I said goodbye to my locks shortly after the march.  I'm loving my short hair and I'll post photos soon.
  • Week "4": Sunday I had a dinner and Wine Night at Laura and Jen's house.  Thanks ladies for everything! 
  • On Monday I watched an advance screening of Drive (2011). Thanks Alliance for the tickets!

Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn is a film pack full of action, crime, and drama. Ryan Gosling (please, call me!) is truly a dynamic actor.   Even though the movie was unpredictable and exciting, like a roller-coaster, I personally would not recommend the film to anyone. I think the scorpion theme was a too blatantly obvious, but that's not why I dislike the film.   I was very, very nauseous after the movie. I was sick during the explicitly violent scenes, which contained a lot of excessive blood.  I would have appreciated the film much more if there was less violence and blood.
  • Week "5+": From mid-September to late September I've been attending a lot of meetings and workshops. There's so much to do and so little time that my nightstand has a BIG pile of magazines (see below) and books, and my desk is cluttered with lots of paper. 

  • On the 24th I had my blood drawn, which I don't mind at all. I dislike it when my median cubital veins play hide-and-seek with laboratory scientists and nurses. This requires them to wiggle the needle around my arms trying to find the vein, which results in pain and bruising. Haha, I now have two big bruises on my forearms.  Very sexy.
Take care and stay warm!



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