Monday, October 3, 2011

Body Burberry Perfume Review

 *The sample I received in the mail; beautiful packaging

*Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the first face of Body; an ad in Elle Canada magazine

I was slightly disgusted by my first whiff of Body.  There was a sharp pain in my brain and alarm bells were going off in my head, screaming synthetic and artificial! The initial spike in fragrance hit me hard because it smelled like "skin", musk, or a stuffy c-train packed full of sweaty bodies. 

After the scent calmed down my impression of the fragrance changed dramatically. It is a  fresh yet dewy, clean and cheerful smell but it lacks in the "umph" department.  I am very disappointed with Body. I expected a fragrance that encompasses sensuality with a touch of youth and innocence.

In my opinion, Body is not unique or memorable.  I would not purchase Body because chypre floral does not suit me.  For those who do purchase Body, it is a long-lasting fragrance and very wearable for everyday activities.


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