Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review on LUSH Cosmetics: Dream Cream (Body Cream)

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 *The claim for the Body Cream *

Calming and dreamy.

Incredibly soothing body lotion for troubled skin. Dream Cream is LUSH's best-selling product because it makes sore skin feel good again. Chamomile and lavender calm irritations, reduce redness and banish blotches. Mark considers it his favourite product because it makes so many people so happy.

Mark's favourite.

We also use oat milk, too, which has traditionally been used on troubled skin for centuries. It contains everything nature makes for soothing your skin.

Rose and lavender

Rose and lavender essential oils are calming for irritated, suffering skin.

*My Experience with the Lotion:*
  • Price: I bought a tub 240g for about ~$25.
  • Effectiveness: After reading many postive reviews about Dream Cream I was convinced that I needed this product.  Best lotion I have ever used;  it's packed with every calming chamomile - great for troubled skin and stressed mind. 
  • Duration: One tub lasts me for a year; a little bit of the lotion goes a long way! I use it daily on my hands and elbows, and the cream absorbs into the skin almost immediately thus leaving no greasy feeling. 
  • Scent: The lotion smells herbally/floral but not an overpowering or strong scent.
  • Bottom line: I am definitely going to repurchase this cream in the new year. I urge people to try this product out; you won't go back to lotions and creams on supermarket shelves. 
  • Grade: 8.8/10


    Maylin said...

    I was playing with this product at LUSH, and it smells pretty funky. I think the smell is something I gotta get use to.

    Aimi said...

    My fave. cream too! Great minds think alike =)

    M. said...'s sooooo expensive. You can buy 4-5 bottles of lotion at a drug store!

    Jenny said...

    Sh1t! That's expensive! Maaaaaaybe one day I'll be able to splurge on something like this!

    Gigi said...

    Dream Cream is okay in my books but my fave. would have to be lemony-flutter:

    Rose said...

    Awesome review! Thanks for writing it! I will def. check it out. ^^

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