Friday, October 1, 2010

Forever21 Haul!

I was so excited when I made my Forever21 purchase. But then my excitement evolved into guilt after I watched the video "The Story of Stuff" in my Social Policy and Justice seminar, and "Wake Up, Freak Out- then Get a Grip" in my Human Behavior and Environment class. The videos has made me more mindful of my consumption patterns, and impact on the environment. And I hope that the videos will also inspire my readers to be more conscious of their spending habits, and lifestyle. =)


I ordered my clothes on Thursday, Sept.16th and they arrived on Monday, Sept. 20th! A speedy delivery system.

Haha, here are my goodies. And sadly, they don't bring the boys to the yard. :P

* Chiffon Ethnic Dress (left)  and Showdown Metallic Dress (right)

* Twisted Shoulder Sheath Dress (left) and Flowers & Rhinestones Tunic (right)

* Shoulder Padded Top (left) and Rosette Center Top (above)


Kelly M. said...

Cheer up! You know what makes me happy? Shopping!!! Haha, j/k. ;) I <3 U.

Aimi said...

Awww, you're such a softie. :P Hehe, I like your dresses, very cute. ^^

Maylin said...

*HUGS* You're too senstive. You are the most frugal person I know! And I don't mean cheap. =)

Margaret said...

@Kelly: Haha, you're such a tease.:P

@Aimi: Thanks! And you know I am ;)

@ Maylin: Hehe, thanks! XD And hey, now! Sensitivity is a good thing.

Jenny said...

Ohhh, how did your environmental class go? And what did you learn?!

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