Saturday, October 2, 2010

22 Things I Learned As a 22-Year-Old

 * Fresh figs

I've been inspired by my good friend Anthony to compile a list of tidbits I've learnt so far.

1. Four simple and easy self-improvement projects that will boost your confidence: Stand up straight, smile and make eye contact whenever possible, and develop a firm handshake.

2. Running was my first true love. I've put more hours into that relationship than any other in my life. He’s been really good to me.

3. I have a superhero complex. Instead of picking the super awesome nice guy, I am compelled to save the needy bad boy. Obviously this has never ended well, haha.

4. It’s a gazillion times easier to fall in love than to stay in love. And no matter what the sad songs say about love, broken hearts do mend. It just takes time, patience, and good friends.
Conversely to the popular notion that it is therapeutic to "get under someone" or date a string of guys, either of these methods are true.  Ultimately, you have to know yourself (inside and out), and love yourself before you are ready to be involved someone. 

5. I still struggle with my boarder line OCD and perfectionist tendencies; some days are better than others.

6. Never underestimate a balanced diet and exercise. Eat right and exercise regularly and you’ll feel like you're 18 again.
I emphasize on  feeling 18. I've been told multiple times that appearance-wise I have "matured into a young woman". Personally, I don't think I have made that transition. You can be the judge; check out my grade twelve photo

7. If you want to get ahead in life, you have to drop the people dragging you down. Distance yourself from them and move on. And I quite Dory from Finding Nemo, "[J]ust keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

8. Cell phones are a gift and a curse. People think they are entitled to your time. Don’t let that notion rule you.

9. During a crisis or when you're in a difficult circumstance, you actually do know what to do. Most often than not you are subconsciously ignoring the truth.

10. Having nice toys (i.e. tangible items) is awesome but having true friends is better.

11. Nobody is better or worse than you because of the clothes they wear, car they drive or house they live in. Examining individuals for who they truly are will make you appreciate humanity much more.

12. The greatest virtue is not charity or patience, it is empathy.

13. You can change your values, morals, and principles but no matter how hard you try, you can’t change the essence of who you are. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.

14. You can’t avoid offending people from time to time. It just means that you stood up for someone or something in your life.

15. The most valuable thing to have is a good reputation, and it’s neither hard nor expensive to acquire one: Be honest. Be trustworthy. Respectful towards others.

16. Nothing is certain; everything is socially constructed.

17. Stigma is not only disgraceful, it is disgusting.

18. Maximize each day - try to squeeze every last drop of goodness from it. When you look back, you won't have any regrets.

19. Candor is hilarious... with me anyways.
Some classic candor moments:
* I'm on a second date with a guy and I said, "But your mom will like me!"
* Telling my good buddy, Ryan, that "I'm practically naked" over the phone.
* Offering to hold my friend's tennis balls which was misinterpreted as a sexual innuendo. 

20. To overcome indecisiveness trust your gut feeling and run with the choice you have made. Even if it means running with scissors. To quote Ryan, "Wheeeeee!"

21. A fear of failure is a ticket to mediocrity. It's good to fail from time to time, it just means you are challenging yourself and not simply drifting in life.

22. The greatest key to happiness is keeping perspective. Take an artisan's point of view towards life, from a distance the bumpiest paths looks clean, sleek, and very smooth.

* Homemade cookies! Yum!


Aimi said...

Took you about time to make this post! Haha, very much worth the wait though. =)

Margaret said...

@ Aimi: I know. I've been so incredibly busy. =( Thanks for the warm compliment. XD

yuyuyu said...

thank you for your saring ,i want to have a try

M. said...

Nice insights!

Jenny said...

You're so cute! I love your condensed learning experiences. Now I wanna hear the real stories behind them ;)

Gigi said...

You're so wise! Sounds like you learnt a lot when you were 22!

Rose said...

^_____^ I wasn't as mature as you when I was 22.

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