Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Updates

I know...I've been MIA. My apologies for not updating. I have been:

1.)  Catching Up on My Readings
I love Elle Canada. :)

2.) Exploring the City and Nature
* City of Calgary from Crescent Heights

 * Funny story behind this owl statue...but for another time

3.) Cooking, Baking and Experimenting
* Glutinous Rice Ball with coconut and peanuts

* Chapman's frozen yogurt in Cappuccino

 * Chapman's frozen yogurt in Dutch Chocolate

* Homemade Shumai

* Perfect fried egg

* Tomato, ginger, scrambled eggs

* I love vermicelli and fish balls

4.) Planning My Convocation
*Received my Alumni Card!
5.) Waiting for my Admittance at the University of Calgary
*U of C emblem and congratulatory papers ^_____^

6.) Shopping: E.L.F. Hauls

7.) Entering Contests and Winning: Cereal-palooza!

8.) Thanking My References: Card Art

9.) Attending Amazing Concerts
*At Engineered Air Theaters

 *Cell phone photos of the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Performance: Music of Billy Joel.

10.) Listening to Travel Stories


Andrea said...

Congrats on keeping so busy! I miss you posting but you do have a life. :P

Also congrats on getting into Social Work! You'll make a damn good one too! =)

Ben said...

Nice pixs. It's been awhile since you posted, but I see that you have been keeping really occupied. I miss ya, girly.

Mimi said...

Oh jeez, you have been busy. I like your vibrant photos. :)

But you need to sloooooooow down girly. Breathe!

I miss your reviews dearly :\ Post more soon! ***HUGS***

Aimi said...

Ohh wow! You need to do more posts like this! :)

And congratulations on graduating (wheee!), getting accepted to do MORE schooling, and on your cereal haul. :)

Much love!

Sally said...

You are soooo detailed orientated. I love it. I miss you posting regularly. :)

Congrats on your win, hauls, as well as graduating and continuing with higher ed. Best wishes to ya.

Ali said...

Beautiful photos! ****MUHA***** All the best to you girly. :) You deserve it. ^^

Sarah said...

I wish I had an exciting life like yours.

Fiona said...

Moar updates plz!

Samantha said...

Oh wow! You've been keeping busy. Let's get together the next time you are free. I'll inspire you. And you can get more material for the blog. =) I miss you girly. :)

Lacy said...

Busy, busy, busy! You sure like to grab life by the horns?! XD I <3 your blog.

Bev said...

I love how visual your blog is! So many photos and it's very colorful. <3

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