Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review Floating Island Bath Melt (LUSH Cosmetics)

Photo 1.   Floating Island Bath Melt - looks like a cupcake! Nom, nom, nom, haha.

$7.95 excluding GST

The Experience - Like a Warm Hug from a Good Ol' Friend
This bath melt is a luxurious escape to wonderland. First, my olfactory senses were on a magic carpet ride; Floating Island smells like fresh sandalwood, lemon, and vanilla. The product adds spice to my baths. It softened the water into a cloudy rich formula of heavenly silk. This bath melt is the ultimate food for my soul.

Drop the bath melt into the warm running water and jump in. The slow-melting product gradully releases its aromatic scent.  FYI, The product doesn't product bubbles.

I acheived uber soft, silky, and smooth skin, and a deep relaxed state of mind.The product soothes irritated skin and provides long lasting skin hydration. What more can I ask for?

Bottom Line - Best $8 I have Spent on Therapy
I highly recomed the Floating Island Bath melt to everyone. Those who have dry skin should use the whole bath melt, and individuals with oily skin should use 25% of the bath melt. I would definitely repurchase this bath melt for myself, as a gift, and as a decoration. =)

Final Grade: A+


Aimi said...

Floating Island Bath Melt is my first love. He has been really good to me, haha. =)

Sarah said...

I looooove cupcakes. I'm a big fan of anything that resembles it,tehehe. Nice review; easy read. :)

Maylin said...

It looks edible. :\ Oh nomnomnom. Haha

Fiona said...

Haha, I see your chem. textbook. I mean, errrr....great review. I <3 LUSH. The cupcake melt smells more vanillery to me than anything else.

Samantha said...

Fab review! ;)

Lacy said...

Nice photo. The focus is dead on!

Bev said...

wow, at first, I thought it was a the consumable type, haha. I will have to check out lush now. I always pass by but never went in before.

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