Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review on LUSH Cosmetics: Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb), Love Soap & Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

 LUSH Cosmetics: Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb), Love Soap & Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

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I love LUSH cosmetics and their innovative product names. However, Sex Bomb is not a name that I'm fond of; it sounds smutty to me. I think they should rename this product to Passion bomb. Aside from the silly name, the bath bomb is still wonderful. The smell of warm musk, jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang fills the whole house, and lingers on the skin for a long time. The rich floral and exotic scent relaxes sore muscles and soothes my mind. It’s a great product to use before bed time or before heading out to the clubs. The bath bomb transforms the water into a beautiful creamy pink wonderland with rice paper rose petals slowly floating around. The soya milk softens and hydrates the skin; no need to moisturize afterwards. Don't forget to rinse off the ring around rub around the tub after using the Sex Bomb. Final words: I will repurchase this product. I recommend this bath bomb for people who want a fun escape from everyday worries. Grade: A-

I meant to post this entry in Feb. but I didn't have the chance. :( Anyways, Love Soap  is a limited edition soap made to celebrate (Heart Day or) Valentine's Day; it is visually beautiful. The soap lathers and cleans well; I have no complaints about its functions. :P   It smells exactly like the Sex Bomb, but the scent is very faint. This soap is for people who like lightly scented cleansers that doesn't linger on the skin. If you are a fan of body glitter this is your kind of soap; the red sparkles adheres well to the skin. Grade: C+

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb smells pleasant; it fills the bathroom with the scent of jasmine, rose, and ginger. I placed it on my tub floor while I showered; it slowly fizzes and releases the fragrant and heart-warming scents.  The nourishing oils from the product hydrates my feet, before going down the drain. Just a word of caution the emotibomb leaves the tub a tad slippery. Grade: B-


Jane said...

Ohhh, fizzy!

Anonymous said...

this entry reminded me of Tom Jones' song: Sex Bomb :P

"Now you found the secret code
I use to wash away my lonely blues well
So I can't deny or lie cause you're a
Sexbomb sexbomb you're a sexbomb uh, huh
You can give it to me when I need to come along give it to me
Sexbomb sexbomb you're my sexbomb
And baby you can turn me on baby you can turn me on
You know what you're doing to me don't you. ha ha,
I know you do"

Donna said...

^ lol.

I'll take the sparkly soap off of your hands :D

Bev said...

Nice review! I'm definitely going to check out lush!

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