Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garnier HerbaShine Review

I chose HerbaShine since it was on sale for $7.XX at my local drug store. From the 18 shades on the rack I picked Soft Black (200) because I wanted to cover my annoying gray hairs without changing my natural hair color. I was quite excited that the gentle formula contains bamboo extract and it is ammonia-free.

I find that the smell of HerbaShine is mild; the scent reminded me of vanilla and roasted nuts. The dye is rich, creamy, and thick so I had no dripping. I left the product in my hair for exactly ten minutes (as mentioned on the package) and then washed it out in the shower. The product did lightly stain my scalp and the tub but it didn’t cause significant damage. The light stain can be washed out. Thank goodness the product did not ruin my white towels! My hair color is now a healthy deep black. Yay! No more grays. The color is very natural looking and has a brilliant glossy shine. My hair feels incredibly soft and manageable.  I would recommend this product and I would repurchase it in the future.

Final Grade: B-


Kim said...

Hi. I was wondering if you can please put a photo up of your hair? I like to see the end results. Thxs.

Gia said...

O.O I didn't know that you had white & grey hairs...huh, that's some find product. i can't tell the diff. btw your natural hair color and the dye.

Margaret said...

@ Kim, when I get a chance I will post a photo of the results. Thanks for the reminder.

@ Gia, yes I have white hair. :( Sadly it's in my DNA to that I grey hair early. Yup, the dye is a pretty good match to my hair color.

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