Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Line

First, I like to apologize for the poor quality of my photos. I took them on my cell phone camera. Above is a photo of my Tea Tree Oil stash. I very much enjoy their line of product. It works well for my combination skin.
2 photos of the Tea Tree Oil Face Mask (110 g; 100 ml). I bought this product on sale in the Fall for under $15 CAD. It is great item, I use it once a week. One tub has lasted me for 5 months. This mask controls blackheads quite well, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Every time I put the mask on, there is a tingly feeling. That cooling sensation feels great!

This is The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion (30ml). I bought this item on sale, so it cost about $12. I would highly recommend this product; controls oil on my face, doesn't clog my pores, and it prevents new blemishes. I didn't mind the tea tree oil smell, although my brother disliked it very much. This product ran out very quickly for me which was quite disappointing. I used this item everyday and it lasted for approximately a month.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash (250 ml) for less than $15; again I bought this item when it was on sale. I use this face wash 2 times a day, and it lasts for me about 4 months. It foams up nicely, and the smell grew on me. It is a nice cleanser, but it does not remove all 'impurities' (i.e. makeup) from my skin. After washing my face I usually use a toner. I would re-buy this product, it is effective in controlling oil, and keeping my skin in a healthy state.

Close-up of Tea Tree Oil Blotting Paper.

Tea Tree Oil Blotting Paper costs $10 CAD for a package of 2. Each package contains 65 sheets. I really, REALLY like this item. It removes shine from my face, and leaves a nice matted finish, so no more shiny skin for me. I just gently pat my face with a sheet and my skin feels lighter, and more refreshed. I carry blotting paper everywhere I go. I am addicted to this product.


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