Friday, June 6, 2014

imPress Manicure Press-On Nails - A Review

This is the package I received from Influenster with two beautiful set of nails. Thank YOU!

I enjoyed putting on imPRESS Press-on Manicure. I fitted the right nail size then I used the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean my nails of oils to preserve the lasting power of the nails. It took me a total of 15 minutes to find the right fit for each nail and apply them on.

I struggled a bit with pulling off some of the clear tabs. After the tabs were peeled one presses on the nail and volia! instant professional looking manicure


  • I like that there's no chemical smells and drying time. 
  • Another bonus is that one doesn't get the polish everywhere or smudge the polish, and ruin the designs. Love it!


  • I dislike the rough and scratchy surface of the "crackle" nails/ Working Girl is the name of the design 
  • Another dislike for me was that I found the crackle nails were a bit thick and rigid/stiff
  • I was also a bit grossed out that the glue on the underside of the manicure was visible and attracted lint
  • Some of the nails I noticed still had a tab (that is the nails weren't perfectly smooth) which is easily solved by filing the tabs down

I kept the nails on for a total of 5 days. After day 2 I had some nails that lifted off so I gently pulled the nail off and applied a fresh nail on. I think the manicure would have lasted for an extra day or two if I didn't garden, visit the sauna (three times) and soak in the hot tub (twice), haha.

The Aftermath:
After the nails had fallen off or when I removed them I felt my natural nails could finally breathe. HOWEVER, there was no residue from the glue left behind on my natural nails and my natural nails did not turn yellow. I'm quite imPRESSed, haha (pun intended). 

 A closeup picture of the back side of the nail. 

My prep work - I fitted the nails and they are ready to be applied on. 

Contents of the package!

Overall: I would purchase these nails. I have my eye on a few designs like Rock It, TGIF, Vexed & Vicious, and Night Fever. I would wear these nails on special occasions/ celebrations and occasional treats for myself. I would recommend people to check out this product if they love experimenting with manicures and love nail designs. 

Happy days!


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