Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lucky #3: Third Batch of Fish

This summer has been has been extremely difficult for me to keep my fish and snails alive. I've been buying a batch of fish every two and a half weeks, and this is my third batch of fish that I've bought. 

My first batch of 10 comet fish all but one died. Then I bought a second batch of 10 comet fish which killed the lone fish from the first batch. =(

In the second batch all but one fish died...sooooo, being the social person and an aquarium enthusiasts that I am I was eager to keep at least two fish alive, I bought a third batch of fish. 

In the third batch I bought 10 comet fish and 6 twin-tailed fish. Haha, now I'm only left with one twin-tailed fish, Mr. P.

You might remember earlier this summer I bought three I'm only left with one.  Mr. Snail is now in the hospital tank in my room because he was nearly sucked into the water filtering system. He's never been the same since the incident. My brother and I thought he was dead on multiple occasions but Mr. Snail was just very introverted. 

So there you have it. Even fish keeping is a difficult and costly hobby. However, I think being an aquarium enthusiast is well worth my time, money and energy.


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