Tuesday, May 3, 2011

L'Oreal Root Rescue Review

*Close up of the applicator brush

* Before coloring

*After coloring

L'Oreal Root Rescue is on sale at Zellers for $8.99! I bought a box for my mom to try. The L'Oreal product exceeded my expectations, as well as my mom’s. The product worked perfectly on my mom’s short black hair; it left her hair soft and shiny. The applicator brush makes it quick and easy to apply the product to her hair. Within 10 minutes her grays were evenly and naturally concealed. There was no staining to the scalp and the color blends perfectly with the color she normally uses. She'll definitely recommend L'Oreal Root Rescue and use it again between her colorings.


Gigi said...

Such a dramatic difference! Looks great!

Alice said...

Nice review. It's been awhile since you've blogged...glad to see you are back.

Cam said...

WOW! What a difference!

Jenny said...

Yayyyyy! You're back 'n blogging!

Nice gray coverage! I will give it whirl!

Aimi said...

Hmmm, I dyed my hair red. I wonder how close the colors would match.

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