Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Ice Cream: Strawberry & Cream

I posted my review on Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Ice Cream at, but wanted to share my thoughts and pictures with you. Enjoy!

Thank you (i.e. the review club) and for sending me a beautiful green ice cream scoop and a free product coupon (FPC) for a 1.89L tub of Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream. At the request of my family I picked up Strawberries & Cream from The Real Canadian Superstore. The product sells for ~ $7.89 CAD.

What is unique about this ice cream? Well, the proprietary Cream Press System splits the cream into ultra fine molecules which allows the droplets of cream to expand at its maximal capacity in the freezer. The Smooth & Dreamy ice cream collection still has the same wholesome taste of regular ice cream but half the fat. 1/2 cup (125 mL) of the Smooth and Dreamy ice cream is only 120 calories!

After cracking the lid open I instantly fell in love with the appearance of the marbleized ice cream, and aromatic smell of vanilla and strawberry. The Strawberry & Cream is a vanilla flavored ice cream surrounded by freshly pureed pink strawberry swirls. I am happy to report that the ice cream is thoroughly consistent in taste and texture.

I was further amazed by how fluffy, and scoop-able the ice cream is. I find regular ice creams rock-hard and difficult to scoop, but I wasn't met with the same challenge with the Smooth & Dreamy product.

The Smooth & Dreamy ice cream doesn't taste like bland low-fat or “diet” ice creams. My family and I were extremely pleased with the smoothness and richness of the Strawberry & Cream ice cream. The ice cream is refreshingly flavorful and completely satisfying. Although, I personally found the product is a bit sweeter than other regular ice creams.

Nevertheless, Strawberry & Cream is premium quality ice cream that I have recommended to friends and co-workers. I have already re-purchased the Strawberry & Cream flavor for the hot summer months ahead.



Aimi said...

Girly, when are you gonna invite me over for ice cream! Sounds de-lish. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds frothy!

Jamie H. said...

Looks yummy! You're making me drool. :P

Donna said...

Thanks! Imma gonna try it out. :)

Sarah said...

Looks so good! Waaaaaaaay better than going out to get a scoop.

Fiona said...

Even though it looks a little melty. I'd still eat it :D

Samantha said...

Another fab review =) It was on sale at Safeway for $5.8X. I picked up the chocolate kind.

Bev said...

i saw this on sale at RCSS for 3.99 I picked a tub up. and it is goooooood. It doesn't taste like cardboard

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