Saturday, February 9, 2008

Must Read: Sushi For One?

Picture1. Sushi for One? (September 2007) is witty novel about the life of Lex, a single Christian, by Camy Tang. Picture 2. Only Uni (Feburary 2008) by Camy Tang...which I have yet to read!

I've been busy with midterms in university, hence I haven't written a personal entry or watched much TV (because of the Writer's Strike). But, since that has ended, and I have reading week starting on the 14th...I may end up being a couch potato or, I may start on Camy Tang's new book! Yay!

I finished reading Sushi For One? (September 2007), by Camy Tang over the holidays (Picture1). I loved the book (truly I do). It's a awesome girly novel about the lives of single Christians --filled with witty humour. I hate to admit this...but I swear she was writing about my life! Oh, oh, the drama--an explanation will be made later. An excellent summary of Sushi For One? can be found here. I cannot wait to read Only Uni (February 2008) (Picture2.) and other books in her new series.

Maybe I'm being a dork, but I can't believe that Camy actually wrote a comment on my page. :) Thanks Camy! Keep up writing awesome lit!



Anonymous said...

Hey~ So I came across your blog through RFD's. Actually it was through the Free Zune promotion. I'm bluebyul^^
Anyway I was just checking out your posts, and read your take on Sushi for One. Though the review is brief, I was intrigued by it! So I'm gonna try and locate one to check it out^^ Well thanks for sharing, and enjoy your Zune^^

Maggie said...

@ Rasilla Thanks for stopping by my blog! I definitely recommend Sushi for One. I'll write a more sufficient review of the book for you.

Thanks, I am enjoying my Zune...although my brother is stealing it away from me all the time. :(

Take care, and see you around RFD.

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